NEW phil&teds smart – love at first sight!

It was love at first sight for my daughter and the NEW phil&teds smart buggy. Just a glimpse of the raspberry buggy sitting in my car boot was enough to cue the “buggy buggy buggy” chant and tears until I took it out of the car. As far as little miss (almost 2 years) was concerned it was “her buggy”. I’d claim it too, it’s a gorgeous little buggy!

Over the long weekend I had the chance to try out the fantastic new addition to the phil&teds family of buggies. The new smart buggy is “smart” in looks and functionality. I love the sleek back frame, white wheel rims and popping raspberry colour of the seat and hood. It’s the kind of buggy that you feel good when you push it. It’s like showing off a fancy new handbag. You push it with pride!

The seat is made from super cushy materials that make for a lovely padded seat. It’s a generous sized seat with plenty of room for dolly to go for a ride too. Even my tall four year old can sit comfortably in the smart. That’s impressive for a compact buggy! It also has a large gear tray that can easily fit a full nappy bag and your shopping bags.


The huge extendable hood is a great feature. Not only is it brilliant for protecting the little one from the sun or wind but also for creating a nice sleep environment for snoozing on the go. When your toddler wakes up happily, it’s a good testament to how comfortable the buggy is. The tyres are puncture proof! Yes you read that correctly. No more having to worry about getting a puncture and whether you’re putting too much air in the tyres. It’s a smooth ride every time. Ideal for cruising around the city and for trips to the park.

Some of the ‘smart’ features that I love about this buggy are the gate style grab bar, the well placed hand break and the 5­point harness where each straps clips in separately (meaning no loops to try to get squirming arms through). One feature that I particularly liked is the mechanism for reclining the seat. A push of the button allows the seat to smoothly recline to the angle you wish. There is no fussing, just a simple and well designed feature. I’ve tried many buggies and in my opinion this is the best seat recline mechanism.

As with every buggy, the fold takes a few tries to master, mainly because it’s a bit different to what I’m used to. It’s a foot fold that is a simple slide with the side of your foot and push down movement. And because you don’t use your toes, you don’t have to worry about damaging your shoes! My tip with the fold is to not push down on the handle when operating the folding mechanism. Just gently put your hand on the handle (mainly for your own balance) and the buggy will gracefully & intuitively fold and lock into position.

Before taking the buggy home I was shown how it can be used in parent facing mode with the addition of a cocoon accessory and flipping the hood around ­ – genius! The smart can lay completely flat making it ideal for a newborn, especially given how soft and cushy the seat lining is. I’m truly impressed with the smart. I’ve tried many different buggies and I consider this new smart to be one of my favourites. It’s the perfect compact buggy for the city dwellers.

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