How to adapt&survive with twins in tow!

Travelling with twins in tow is always an adventure

Whether overseas, the local food market or a playground to boot, each expedition holds its own treasure… golden or otherwise. A good twin buggy can make all the difference. So, when asked to test drive phil&teds voyager buggy for the weekend I was up for the challenge with my twins.

At first glance, the voyager is a good looking buggy. It comes in a range of four colours, my favourite being the new charcoal marl. Looks great against the aluminum frame and goes with everything. The seats are really generous in size too… huge, in fact! I’m used to parts of products being smaller when accommodating two. So, this was a nice surprise.

phil and teds voyager - twins stroller

The main modular seat is remarkably adaptable – four seats in one. While the double kit can convert to lie flat, allowing the buggy to accommodate two newborn babies with ease. This was the first time I’d seen a buggy where two toddlers could face one another. For me, that was the absolute best feature of the voyager. I loved that my lads could face one another while we were out exploring. Not only was it special to see them interact and really enjoy their buggy experience, but it made running errands a breeze.

They were completely engaged with one another – lobbing toys, tickling toes and making use of the buggy’s huge sunhood with games of peekaboo. The seat can also convert to forward-facing for when things go pear shaped, as they often do with two. The voyager offers the best of both worlds.

The five point harness is another gem in the buggy’s crown. It has a one touch release, so there’s no fighting to free little arms and legs of safety restraints. A true one touch wonder when it comes to transitioning sleeping babes.

phil and teds voyager - for twins

Another key feature of the stroller is the standing fold 

This takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s more so the fact that it can fold in any mode that takes some practice. This is truly valuable. Whether you’re rolling the double kit, forward facing or reverse, you can fold this buggy without removing a thing. A trait well worth putting in extra time to learn the ins and outs of the fold.

The voyager feels about as heavy as you’d expect from a twin buggy when lifting it in and out of the car. It’s relatively compact, allowing space in your luggage compartment for additional bags – be it both shopping and/or nappy.

Whether we traveled to the supermarket or the park, the waterfront or the weekend food market, our journey was made more enjoyable with the voyager. It looked good, was comfortable to push, and compact enough to move through foodie crowds with ease. With twins in tow, the voyager makes for smooth sailing.

voyager - a stroller for twins

Thanks so much Jess for giving the voyager the thumbs up! Parents if you are searching for a twin-ready stroller make sure the phil&teds voyager is at the top of the list!

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