Get Active Parents!

Running around after toddlers & kids can be exercise enough right – if only we were active parents and had the energy to keep up!

But we all know the benefits of exercise and that it should be an essential part of everyday, keeping healthy bodies and minds fit & ready to tackle the demands of the #parentingday. So how do active parents schedule exercise into an already jam-packed schedule?

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With our tips! phil&teds is all about encouraging parents to break out of the nursery prison and live that dynamic life with kids in tow! So let’s get active and support each other!

Get strolling!

However you look at, it if it’s a 10,0000 daily step target or if you want to workout for 30mins a day, walking is one of the most effective ways to get active. Never underestimate the benefits of a daily stroll. According to the regular brisk walking can help you:

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes

  • Strengthen your bones and muscles

  • Improve your mood

  • Improve your balance and coordination

The faster, farther and more frequently you walk, the greater the benefits. If you’re feeling zapped on energy even a 10 minute stroll around the block is enough to give you an invigorating energy boost. Exercise is accumulative so every little step counts!

Get some gear!

Get the right gear & set yourself up for success to achieve your goals. The phil&teds sport inline can tackle any terrain allowing you to pound the pavement or the walking trail with confidence, taking one passenger or two. With the added safety feature of the auto-stop brake, hills & inclines will be no match. Getting out the front door shouldn’t be a struggle and if the thought of heading out with your minimee’s is enough to put you off – then it’s too hard! Make it easy for yourself, keep the stroller front door ready, buckle in those passengers and lace up those shoes and get-to-steppn’

Track your progress!

Use an app to count your steps or time your workouts so you can keep track of your achievements. Or go old school and record your daily sessions with a notebook & pencil. Without recording your activity it’s easy to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere or what you are doing is not making a difference, but if you can visually see your daily progress, it will keep you motivated to keep on improving and on track to reaching those goals. Celebrate the small victories – maybe you’ve increased steps by 500 or added an extra 5 mins to your workout time. Take note & feel proud! Champion!

Get tricky!

Sneak in activity without even realising it with these active parent hacks:

  • Walk around the block after the kindy/school drop off

  • When checking the mail, take a few extra steps around the yard or the house

  • Avoid escalators or elevators and just take the stairs

  • If it’s raining, hit the mall for a spot of window shopping to get that step count up or use a raincover on your stroller and head out anyway, especially if it’s just a lil drizzle!

  • Take a daily family stroll and make it a healthy habit! Use it as an opportunity to bond and connect. Everyone will benefit from this activity and this sets a good example for your minimee’s

  • Play games! Tag, hide & seek, duck duck goose, you remember the games from your childhood? Bring them back and enjoy them with your children.  Anything that involves running around and getting the body moving – when you’re having fun enjoying the moment you won’t even realise you are exercising! Remember it all counts!

  • Explore your neighbourhood. Go on an adventure and seek out new buggy walking tracks to try. Then give them a try with a friend or two. Seek out buggy walking groups and make it social.

  • We all need adult time every now & then so on your next date night park a distance from the restaurant or movie theatre and include a romantic stroll into your evening.

  • Go manual – ditch the dishwasher and wash and dry the dishes the old fashioned way! Actually getting vigorous with the household chores is one way to burn some serious calories – mop, sweep, scrub your way to a firmer toned bod.

Go for the fun factor!

If it all get’s too much, and everything turns to custard throw on some tunes and dance it out. Get your kids to teach you the latest dance phenomenon! The sillier, the better! They say laughter is definitely the best medicine after all so go for gold & get outrageous!

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