phil&teds airlight helps mum adapt&survive parenting day!

If you’re anything like me you’ll find yourself dashing into the supermarket, baby on hip to grab a couple of things. A quick few items soon multiplies into half a dozen and you find yourself in a panicked juggle, fearing that either the groceries or the child will be dropped. Or, you nip into preschool to pick up your older child and soon find yourself negotiating how many minutes extra they can play while holding bags, lunch boxes, artwork and a tired baby.

If you babywear already you’re probably shaking your head, thinking not me… Well, I’m such a fan of carriers but at least once a week find myself needing a solution. I’ve got a great soft structured carrier which I love, but it’s reasonably bulky and I never seem to have it on me when I need it for the unforeseen circumstances. I also have a gorgeous woven mei tai, but it’s so beautiful that I only ever wrap it when I’m at home because I can’t bear the thought of dragging it on the ground! I have been using the the phil&teds airlight for a few months now and really like it. It has been so handy due to its clever design and compact size. I keep it in car glovebox and even if I don’t think I’ll need it, I grab it and clip it around the nappy bag, buggy or waist. That way, if I find I’m heading up the creak I whip it on, pop Ollie in and then zip it up. One tip would be to set it all up at home as I found getting the straps all sized and the back clip at the right height tricky to adjust with Ollie in it.

Although I didn’t use this carrier when Ollie was a newborn, I really like that the clever design includes the newborn insert – so you’re not having to fork out for that too! It I make little babies so we are still in ‘front’ mode because even though Ollie is nearly nine months he only weighs a little over 7kg so we haven’t met the entry weight to switch to the back. I’m in no hurry to change anyway because it’s way easier to pop a dummy back when he’s in front and we haven’t got to that “it’s fun to poke mum in the face” stage yet.

I see this carrier as complementing my stash rather than being my new primary. Because it’s so small and light, I think it lacks some of the additional padding that would make it comfortable for long periods of time using it! But, on the flip side that is an advantage too for warmer climates as it is so light. I’m off overseas next month, so will have to let you know how it goes on the aircraft and beyond, I’m hoping to travel on my own with the kids so will need all the help I can muster!

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Hello! I'm Melissa, mum to Oscar (4) and Ollie (0.5). I live with my husband and two kiddos in Auckland, New Zealand. We can also be found in the digital land of social media @theaucklandmum Why you might ask? Well after Ollie was born I decided the best way to survive two very busy boys was to adapt my ways get out and explore everyday. From the city to the bush and all the parks, beaches, cafés and playgrounds in between. Follow me as I navigate life with kids in Auckland and share how p&t is helping me to achieve this!.