The dot travel system shines when naptime meets 3pm

Having a second child is both easier & harder than your first baby. Easier, because you are more confident with babies, have most of the gear you need & just generally are more mentally prepared for ‘real life’ with a new baby. However it is harder because you feel like you are risking the fine balance you may (or may not) have struck with your first child’s routine. So here I am with a newly school age child and a baby. When my now school girl was a baby, if there wasn’t a motivating factor to leave the house, we could just stay home. If I worried about her catching a winter cold, I could keep her away from strangers. Not so my youngest. Twice a day she is bundled from house to car to classroom & back again. She is a real little trooper, as it doesn’t seem to bother her much, or at all. Although some days she will inevitably decide to take a nap at 3pm. Great, so what do I do now? Let’s be honest. Waking a sleeping baby up is as much of a no no as feeding Gremlins after midnight, with potentially just as disastrous implications. That’s where the buggy & car seat combo comes into its own. Rather than carry the car seat (especially now she is 8kg) or wake her to put her in the buggy seat, I simply unlatch the alpha car seat from the in-car base & place onto the dot buggy, via the car seat adaptors. Still snoozing, but we are now cruising through the school gate & down to the classroom. Parking the buggy in the corridor, my hands are free to collect notices or tie shoe laces. Even better baby is high up & away from the very lovable (but often germ-carrying) classmates who want to say hello. For even more ‘do not disturb’ factor, you can put the dot buggy’s hood up, along with the capsule’s. This creates the ultimate snooze bubble of sleepiness, that quite frankly I’m a bit jealous of. Can I order a grown up movable snooze bubble please, phil&teds? I’d love to have a nap on the go & wake up to find my errands are done. I thought that having the convenience of a travel system would make my life easier (and it does), but the real revelation was how nice it was for my new little sidekick to enjoy the luxury of time that my first child enjoyed and have her own routine. Even if life goes on & 3pm rolls around once again, she can still relax & be her own little person, not just the entourage of her older sister. In a world of ubiquitous ‘parenting hack’ pinterest memes, the simple combination of the dot buggy + alpha car seat + TS26 car seat adaptor is a real world ‘life hack’ that will really make a difference in day-to-day living for everyone.

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