3 reasons why sport with auto stop will give you more confidence to get fit!

Let’s be honest, your confidence can sure take a bit hit when you are pregnant or have a young baby. How your body looks & feels is one thing, but the deep-seated feeling that the world might not be as safe & secure as previously thought, can really play on your mind. You might second guess your car’s safety or suddenly see your coffee table as a pointy-edged platform of peril.

phil&teds designed the Auto Stop braking system featured on the sport buggy for your peace of mind. Even better Auto Stop ties in really well with using your buggy for exercise. So you can double up on that confidence buzz, you amazing life-making fitness bunny, you!

1) Pause for thought

Jogging along & suddenly get the urge to stretch, drink, tie your hair back or skip that song that reminds you of an ex-boyfriend?
Then never fear, just let the sport’s handle go & you do you. Your buggy will patiently wait until you want to continue. Easy!


2) Oh the places you’ll go

Getting out to stretch your legs doesn’t need to be confined to the ‘burbs or pavement. However adventuring on trickier terrain does make having the Auto Stop brake really powerful. Whether on hilly terrain, jogging by water or rough ground that could be a tripping hazard, Auto Stop lets you off road with assurance that your buggy won’t roll away unexpectedly.


3) Work out buddies

If you are walking or jogging with your dog or older kids, then Auto Stop is especially useful. If they are stopping frequently or you need spare hands in a emergency (say if your older child runs off) then the sport buggy with Auto Stop allows you to quickly stop & do what you need to do.
So with the above in mind, you can roll with confidence & let phil&teds stop that roll for you.

Buy the phil&teds sport with auto stop today!


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