Key statistics reveal what you didn’t know about car seat safety

Every parent needs an infant car seat from the moment they leave the maternity ward

Though, simply purchasing the seat and installing it yourself often isn’t enough to ensure that it is safe in your car. Let’s talk about car seat safety.

Last year the New Zealand police force pushed an initiative to check child car seats and found that 59% of all surveyed were used incorrectly! Factors included: poor match for the vehicle, incorrect age stage or just simple bad installation (source)

Similarly, America has an average safety record compared with other first world nations when it comes to child car seat safety. reported that the USA has 11.4 child car seat fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants in 2015, which is comparable to the Philippines and Myanmar. For context, the United Kingdom were rated the safest in this study with 3.7 and Thailand was worst coming in at 38.1 per 100,000.

It’s clear that when you’re choosing your infant car seat an important consideration is whether the car seat is installed properly.

Correct installation is the basis of car seat safety

ISOfix or LATCH (depending on whether your seat is ECE (EU) or FMVV (USA) certified) are 2 excellent ways to ensure that your seat is installed in the vehicle correctly every time. It’s as simple as clicking the bases into the attachment point in the back seat of your car and ensuring that the infant car seat is on the correct angle so that your baby is safe for the journey.

Another advantage of using ISOfix or LATCH is that you can purchase multiple bases! Pop a base in your SUV, hubby’s utility and grandparent’s car and make it easy to get out of the house and into the real world with your newborn!

car seat safety

Any great nursery retailer will have a trained car seat technician to assist with your car seat installation. They will make sure that your new seat fits into your car perfectly for maximum safety and peace of mind.

Our infant car seat alpha is certified for use in USA, Australia, Europe & the UK and is available with LATCH and ISOfix bases. You can find them in any respectable nursery retailer and they have the added benefit of seamlessly fitting onto all phil&teds buggies.. and they’re perfect for twins!

Follow this link to learn more about alpha or visit your local phil&teds retailer today!

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