Concert loving caregivers treated to world class event

phil&teds is all about living your passions, even with kids in tow – so, we were super excited to support Chamber Music New Zealand’s first ever Rattles & Rhythm concert.

Last month’s grown up (yet kid friendly!) event featured the music of the London Conchord Ensemble. This UK collective performed a special morning recital of the same quality you’d expect in a concert hall, but baby was welcome too – tears and all!

We understand that sometimes it’s just not that easy to organise childcare and get out&about to an orchestral occasion. But through embracing the power of parenting, Rattles & Rhythm was to the rescue of music loving mamas and piano playing papas.

Masterton mum, Em Mead, travelled more than an hour with her two year old daughter to attend the inaugural event. Here’s what she had to say:

“We loved the concert! For me, it was the fact that I could listen to amazing music and not have to stress about keeping Miss Lilith quiet or seated.

“The atmosphere was great – really laid back and easy going, with the musicians speaking informally to the older kids and adults during the show.”

But the event wasn’t entirely aimed at caregivers.

“Staff really made an effort to engage with the children on arrival. Kids could have their photo taken at the on-site photo booth, and were also given coloured pencils and a copy of the programme which featured a colouring page on the back. Everything was thought of.”

She says “the world class musicians were happy to play to a non typical crowd and the audience was accepting of the kids. It was a beautifully relaxed environment for all.”

Her highlight for was seeing Lilith react to the different pieces of music.

“There was lots of clapping, a bit of dancing and singing – she really got into it! We’re looking forward to next year’s show already.”

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