Stroller wheels – all you need to know about the wheels on your buggy!

There are different spokes for different folks

Whether you walk the city streets or the mountain peaks, we have tyres for any terrain! From the tried&true air filled tyre or the aeromaxx, here at phil&teds we know you need different spokes for different folks! Here is our guide to the different stroller wheels.

stroller wheels

A quick reference for stroller wheels:

  Ride comfort Low maintenance Durability
EVA 2 stars 5 stars 5 stars
Aerotech 4 stars 5 stars 5 stars
Aeromaxx 4 stars 5 stars 5 stars
Air filled tyres 5 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Tyres for different types!

EVA stroller wheels

An EVA stroller wheel


These tyres provide the most maintenance free solution! These wicked stroller wheels are incredibly light weight & 100% maintenance free, perfect for meandering through malls & strolling the city streets! You’ll never have to worry about getting a flat tyre again. Put your best wheel forward with the assurance of a pop free solution.

aerotech stroller wheel

An aerotech stroller wheel


Aerotech is one smooth operator! These tyres offer a maintenance free pushing experience with no sacrifice in the comfort department! Taking all the innovations of EVA wheels and adding a few of their own! Aerotech has a hollow core, so it acts more like the tried & true air filled tires, providing some shock absorption without the maintenance. So you can truly glide along in cushioned comfort! Aerotech stroller wheels can be found on our smart and dot buggies.

aeromaxx stroller wheel

An aeromaxx stroller wheel


A true unpoppable & unstoppable solution! designed in New Zealand with the highest quality materials, aeromaxx gives you all the benefits of an “air tyre” without any air! For the smoothest ride, with total confidence that you’ll never get caught with a flat, yes please! Perfect for any terrain with its high quality PU rubber foam and hollow core. What’s not to like? They also have the same ascetic as rubber; you won’t believe it’s not air! You will find Aeromaxx stroller wheels on our MOD, Dash and Voyager strollers.

Air filled tyres

The crème de la crème of pushing performance! These rubber rollers will take you happily over any terrain, whether it be the rockiest path or the sandiest beach, these cushioned tyres provide the up-most in cruise control. To provide this perfect performance they do require some pandering, so make sure that they are correctly pumped for peak performance! Air filled tyres are found on our iconic sport buggy.

air filled stroller wheel

An air filled stroller wheel

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