White noise: 3 types that will guarantee sleep time, everytime!

At phil&teds we’re parents too, so we know how to survive the parenting day – and sometimes you need good ol’ fashioned white noise!

Sleeping is one of the big challenges you’re going to face – for both you and for the baby. There are lots of tricks that people talk about: lavender lotion, a mother’s heartbeat, dad playing guitar, white noise – the list goes on. At the end of the day some babies are good sleepers; others are good at staying awake. The brutal truth is: You are going to be sleep deprived with your new baby and you’re going to need to figure out what works for you.

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The best case sleep scenario is this: Your newborn wants to be fed every 3-4 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and then it will go straight back down after a burp and a cuddle. So, brace yourself for a constant interruption in your sleep schedule during the first few weeks.

What if baby isn’t sleeping though?

No matter what you do, how good your swaddle is, how much they ate, how warm it is, how dry their nappy is they still won’t go to sleep?

Here is a parenting hack, straight from the parenting day toolkit: White noise!

As defined on Dictionary.com, white noise is:

“A steady, unvarying unobtrusive sound, as an electronically produced drone or the sound of rain, used to mask or obliterate unwanted sounds”

Here is a better definition by Urbandictionary.com

“White noise

The noise picked up by radios or tvs when they are not focused on one channel

kinda sounds like (shshshshshshshshsh)”

Parenting literature across the interweb and in the big parenting book say that white noise is similar to the sound in the womb. It is comforting for a newborn baby because it is a familiar atmospheric sound, promoting sleep.

Here are a few situations where parents inadvertently give their children the white noise treatment:

Travelling in the car

Have you ever heard the story ‘the only way my baby will go to sleep is if they are riding in the car?’ The noise inside a car is ‘white’! That constant whirring of the engine and tyres is very soothing for a baby (and an adult).

white noise for sleeping baby

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The vacuum cleaner

You may have even heard of parents that say their children only sleep with the not so soothing sound of the vacuum cleaner. It’s true! Many babies love that screaming horn that can drive a grown adult insane. Vacuum cleaners are a great source of white noise and to some very special babies; they are especially soothing.

White noise on Spotify

White noise can be found in any good nursery retailer in the form of a CD. Remember those? You may also come across a great white noise playlist on Spotify. You’ll need it at a decent volume, loud enough to consciously think ‘hmm, I think that’s pretty loud’. Turn it on and watch the baby go to sleep in minutes.

There are many types of white noise too so experiment and find one that sounds good to you and the baby. Sleep literature suggests that white noise promotes sound sleep in adults because it blocks out any outside noise. So, be mindful of finding a noise that is very soothing – you may find yourself addicted to it!

Who would have thought sweet relief came through the noise of a vacuum cleaner?

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