A Dad’s guide: Mothers Day

Mothers Day: a note to the men out there

Once a year, the parenting day presents men with one epic challenge. It’s a special challenge that has lived across many generations. This is a day where man flu is not an option, your man cave is strictly off limits and all projects must go on hold. It’s Mothers Day, and we’re here to guide you through this day with real advice, from one man to the next.

mothers day

There’s a big difference between giving a gift to your mother and the mother of your children. What you do and give is going effect the next couple of weeks, so you need to get it right. There are only so many cards signed with a left hand, passed off as your child, you can give. I did it for the first three years and it was cute. A winner actually, but now the wife is starting to become wise to it and there is an expectation for more.

Many nights have been spent around a bar leaner bouncing ideas, helping a fellow man out. Some were outrageous and unachievable, others just weren’t enough. You need to give her a day that she’ll tell her friends about, without making your fellow man look incompetent. It’s a delicate balancing act that when done well, will make your wife purr with content.

Here are some ideas that have been bestowed on me that I’d like to share with you.

mothers day

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Framed images of the family

Images of the family are a safe option. You have to make sure she didn’t know that particular image existed, it’s flattering and you get a frame that suits your decor. I find it hard to find these images because my wife knows exactly what’s in my photo album. She knows my photo album better than I know it! So tread carefully here. The way I would approach the photo is: one day when she’s distracted, pop the kids onto the back of the ute and take a selfie. You get extra points for spectacular scenery.  She’ll know you’ve planned and put in the effort and will love it forever.

Make her breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is a timeless classic that is tried and true. Here’s a tip for the sweetener: take the kids away while she’s eating it. Give her a morning pass to get out of bed when she wants and have an uninterrupted shower. To really make it a little bit spesh: tell her about it the night before so she can plan to sleep in!

Do ALL of the housework

Yes, you read that correct. Do ALL of the housework. Mothers Day is her hall pass to do whatever she wants that day. Start with laundry, the dishes, get into the vacuuming, clean the toilet and make EVERYTHING look nice for her.

Plan a special dinner

For this special dinner fellow men, you will need to cook. Take out is NOT an option. Plan it. Take the time earlier in the week and plan out her favourite meal, have everything ready on the day and blast it out that night. Make sure she has her feet up with a glass of wine while doing so and then do the dishes. Homemade gravy for the win!

Make a weekend of it

This is the ultimate. If you can pull a full weekend off then you are seriously winning in the game of husbandry. Plan and execute a full weekend, start to finish of activities for your children. Beginning with Saturday morning sports and ending with a full roast meal prepared, cooked and served by your self.

These are all tips. As a disclaimer, I have not executed each and every one of these plans. They are merely ideas that we have thrown around to help a fellow man out.

When you are planning Mothers Day always remember the words of the smartest guy that has ever existed: Happy wife, happy life!

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Good luck!


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