From baby to toddler – adapting to your big kid

Your baby will turn into a toddler

When you’re pregnant, it’s very easy to get caught up in thinking about the baby stage. After all, caring for a baby takes a lot of time & energy. However babies don’t stay little forever (even if sometimes we wish they could). Here are some tip & tricks for adapting & surviving life with a toddler.

phil and teds toddlerWalking

This is a hotly anticipated milestone and it’s so exciting when they do walk. Just note that a walking child will radically change day-to-day life in your house. Firstly they can now reach things higher up, so make sure you are extra careful with knives & hot things on the edges of counters in the kitchen.

They can now carry things, which is great for them. Just check that they’re not carrying crackers to places where you do not want cracker crumbs, like your bed.

Shoes are now more than ornamental. Look for shoes that have room to grow, but not too big (we know how mommas roll) as learning to walk in clown shoes is no fun. Look for shoes that are leather, not heavy, allow you to bend & twist them and are easy to put on (many have tabs at the back to pull over the heel). Don’t fall into the trap of buying thick soled shoes that are like moonboots for them to walk in.


Kids do this at their own pace, try not to get in the trap of comparing your toddler to others. Check with your healthcare professional though if you have any concerns about their hearing etc.

odin the talking toddler phil and teds

Mama, Dada, Milk …You will start hearing the words you expect, but then they might just come out with a random ‘Turtle’ one day and surprise you. This is when you should be filtering out anything that says ‘Explicit’ on your Spotify playlist. Toddlers are like parrots, so try not to say anything around them you don’t want them to repeat. Try as you might, many parents end up cursing accidentally (usually driving related) so if they repeat it DO NOT LAUGH. That is a major key.

Try to not say the word “No” as much as you can, because you will have this thrown back in your face.

There’s so many categories of words, animals, colours, people’s names, as well as abstract concepts like emotions and big/small. Enjoy every new word and don’t stress if they can’t say it quite right, just repeat it calmly back to them and they will get there.


Now they are a bit more developed you will notice they start imaginary play. Feeding a doll, pretending they are on a bus, it’s all pretty darn cute. My 18 month old toddler likes to stand in a closet, pretending she is in an elevator. They like to copy, so toddlers love things like wiping tables or ‘helping’ to sweep the floor.

Turns out when toddlers love to help you clean, it’s not that helpful, but when your 8 year old could actually help, they do not want to. This is one of many parenting paradoxes.

Toddlers are notorious for being emotional & throwing tantrums, but they are usually a total delight. Enjoy every puddle splash, scribbled ‘masterpiece’ and cuddle while you can. Like the baby stage, toddlerhood doesn’t last long.



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