The alpha infant car seat: accommodating your growing child!

Let’s talk about when to adjust the liner in your alpha infant car seat

The most frequently asked question we receive about our alpha infant car seat is: ‘when do we remove the liner?’ Here is our guide to removing the liner and best practice when using an infant car seat.

infant car seat

A step by step written guide to adjust your infant car seat liner:

  1. For a low birth weight baby, you need to use the wedge that comes pre-installed in the car seat. You will also need to keep the liner in the seat, ensuring a snug fit for your child. The maximum height of the harness with the wedge insert is the second slot, as illustrated. Also, double check your crotch buckle is in the closest position to the middle of the seat. Please see this guide if you need help changing the seat’s harness or crotch buckle.
  2. For a normal size newborn, you will not need to use the premature wedge. It’s easy to remove. Simply lift the liner and remove the wedge. Keep the car seat liner in the infant car seat and adjust the crotch buckle so that it is in the outer position. When using the liner for a newborn only use the first and second harness height adjustment.
  3. Once your child has outgrown the liner (the harness sits more than 1cm below the shoulder line – see this guide), you will need to remove it. The crotch buckle must remain in the outer position and the harness strap must be extended to the 3rd or 4th position 

Please refer to the footnotes of the above picture for infant car seat best practice.

If your child has outgrown their infant car seat, phil&teds has range of convertible and booster seats that will last until 7 years old. Click here to view the range.

phil and teds alpha infant car seatalpha – a safe&lightweight infant car seat with base options to click&go!

alpha is perfect for low birth weight and premature babies. It fits on all phil&teds buggies as a travel system and is super easy to install with it’s multiple base options. The universal seatbelt and ISOfix bases not only make installing as easy as clicking into your car, they also make it super easy to transfer the seat between all of the families vehicles!

If you’re looking to hire a car seat, we have you covered! alpha is available to hire from our webshop and will be delivered to your door, anywhere in New Zealand. A comprehensive set of online videos and tutorials will help you get up and going and if you’re stuck, just call our friendly sales support team and they’ll talk you through it.

Click here to visit the alpha product page 

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