Minimalist parenting: the dot parenting day bundle

Minimalist parenting: the dot parenting day bundle

We know what it’s like to be a parent, so we’ve created the parenting day bundle. Wrestle your way through the day, today and every day! Parenting is the most rewarding job in the world right? Here at phil&teds we call it the ‘parenting day’ and we like to help you out, wherever we can. The parenting day bundle is guaranteed to keep baby purchases down so you can push, feed, sleep, carry, drive and adapt with your wee one, often all for the cost of just one ‘high-end’ stroller in a nursery store! We’re joining the minimalist parenting movement!

minimalist parenting phil and teds parenting day

You’re minimising. Space is at a premium and you want your purchases to go the extra mile. You’ve google’d minimalist parenting a few times but can only come across tiny houses and ‘new age’ parenting tips. Not relevant, but interesting. Reusable nappies and practices like co-sleeping can wait until baby is born.

Minimalist parenting is about purchasing a few quality products that will solve multiple challenges.

The parenting day bundle gives you the benefit of 10 essential newborn items while only purchasing 6.

  1. A stroller that converts to a double stroller
  2. A highchair that converts to a toddler chair
  3. A portacot that converts to a playpen and can be stored in a sock drawer
  4. A sleeping bag for the portacot and stroller
  5. A baby carrier for front OR back
  6. A cup holder for your stroller (for the coffee)

Here’s a scenario.

You’re going out

minimalist parenting dot buggy planningforparis erin

dot in single mode – Photo credit: @planningforparis_erin

dot is our compact&metro ready inline stroller. It will take your baby from newborn with lie-flat mode. Lie flat is a big deal to us and you’ll realise how great it is once you’ve had your baby. While your child is enjoying the world horizontally, it will stay warm in the snuggle&snooze sleeping bag (included in the bundle).

After a couple of months baby will get antsy about lying down all the time. This is where you use the DK to parent face. It’s great for bonding and you get to see them blow raspberries at you (not the public).

The DK (abbr: for double kit) does not have to be on the stroller. dot is an awesome compact single buggy. However, if you’re not going to have a second child, clip the DK on and use it as extra storage. You’d be amazed at how many groceries you can carry in the gear tray and DK combined.

dot folds really small too. Once you’re at home, the one hand mechanism folds it up small enough to fit in a compact closet.

Now that you’re home, baby is hungry

minimalist parenting poppy dani mossman

poppy in cranberry – Photo credit: @danimossman

The poppy high chair fits as a centrepiece in your dining room. It has an enormous circular food tray that follows the mess while also sporting an ‘aerocore’ seat. To clean poppy, press the button at the base of the tray stalk and remove the entire tray. Sweep the remnants into the bin and then pop the tray into the kitchen sink to be cleaned. If the seat gets dirty you can also remove the aerocore cover and clean it in the kitchen sink.

Once your child doesn’t want to sit in the highchair anymore it converts to a child’s seat. Unclip the legs at half way and remove the tray (and stalk) to convert to ‘my chair’. You can expect poppy to last approximately 4 years (if you only have 1 child).

Baby has been fed – it’s time to go to bed

minimalist parenting traveller life as a butterfly

traveller – Photo credit: @life_as_a_butterfly

Traveller is one of our greatest inventions. It can be used as a permanent cot and can fold down small enough to fit in babies clothes drawers. What a lot of parents fail to mention is how babies like familiarity. If you choose to travel to a friends or family members place, it can be setup in 2 minutes flat. This gives your child a familiar surrounding making easier for them to sleep in an unfamiliar environment. It’s small enough to fit into the gear tray of the dot and converts to a playpen! Oekotex approved fabrics ensure its chew safe. You can expect at least 2-3 years use from traveller.

In the morning, you’ve got washing to hang out

You don’t want to leave your child on its own for too long while you’re away from the living room. Clip baby into airlight and take it with you!

If you were to purchase this item by item, you would expect to pay in excess of $1500.

Here at phil&teds we design products that last. We feel pride when we see our products still going strong after 10 years and 4 generations of use. Quality, function and a great aesthetic are the hallmarks of a great design. We try to take that further by making products that are easy on the environment, your living space and your wallet.

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