The parenting day bundle: an easy baby shower gift

We think we’ve got the ultimate baby shower gift idea!

Here at phil&teds we’re parents too so we know what to expect from the parenting day. When your friend is having their first child they probably don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. We’ve figured out a great way to get around this. Split a parenting day bundle between everyone as a baby shower gift!

parenting day baby shower gift idea

When you talk to mothers you’ll find that gifts that they receive at a baby shower are well thought about, but short lived. For example: a onesie. These super cute pieces of clothing are a great gift, but will often go wasted as baby grows faster than they can wear them.

Imagine giving your friend a high value gift that will last for over 2 years!

A parenting day bundle gives you all the essential products for baby that would retail at $1500, for only $1100! That’s a 27% saving! Split this between friends and you’ll have the ultimate baby shower gift!

A parenting day bundle comes in 3 shapes:

The adventure bundle

baby shower gift idea phil and teds sport

The adventure bundle contains:

The adventure bundle includes the sport buggy. The sport buggy has autostop braking technology, a world’s first innovation. Air filled tyres and a sturdy frame make this buggy perfect for parents that live an active lifestyle. The adventure bundle also includes the lobster portable highchair which is the perfect highchair for dinner on a camping table. Traveller is small enough to fit under the backseat of your car, light enough to not make a difference in your backpack, and easy enough to setup in less than 3 minutes!

The city bundle

baby shower idea phil and teds smart

The city bundle contains:

Cruising in the city has never been easier. smart is phil&teds compact & ready to go buggy which comes complete with alpha (and base) for travel system convenience. An airlight carrier is both a front and back pack and the lobster will clip onto the breakfast bar! Another exceptional baby shower gift.

The grow your family bundle

minimalist parenting phil and teds parenting day

You can read more about the grow with your family bundle here.

Splitting a parenting day bundle between everyone at the baby shower is a great way to gift a high value present that will last. All it takes is around $90 each and your expectant friend will be setup properly for the next 2 years!

A present that lasts is a present worth giving.

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