An all terrain stroller perfect for trail walking

sport is an all terrain stroller you can take trail walking

At phil&teds we’re all parents too, so we get excited about designing products that will help with the parenting day. That’s why we invented sport, the ultimate all terrain stroller!

phil and teds sport all terrain stroller

sport on a walking trail – Photo credit: @sway_253

sport is the ultimate all terrain stroller

Its air filled tires coupled with a rugged 600d fabric set make it perfect for an off-road outing.  Simply hose the mud off and then dry it out in the sun, ready to go again!

It’s the easiest phil&teds buggy to push. It’s so easy to push that we have built-in the legendary autostop braking system. Autostop is a safety phenomenon and is automatically engaged. It stops the buggy from rolling away while your hands are off the handle. Autostop can be disengaged, but we recommend it’s used all the time.

Sport loves walking trails, dirt roads, muddy walkways and anywhere off the well-beaten track!

“If you live anywhere that has gravel roads and dirt trails, this is your stroller. The ground is still slushy and the stroller plows through it with no problem. It’s such a smooth ride and so easy to push. I love it!“- MommaBird

Like all phil&teds inline buggies, sport takes a double kit (a second seat) that fits on the back. The advantage of inline is that it allows you to take 2 children with the footprint of a single! This is great if you’re exploring forest walks, getting out on nature trails or simply shopping at a busy retailer. You can also use the double kit as a parent facing seat! Parent facing is a great way to increase intimacy and bonding with your child.

There are innovative ways to use the double kit too. It’s a great way to dramatically increase the basket size of the stroller.

phil&teds sport all terrain stroller


Here’s a scenario where sport is going to be a great buggy choice for your family:

You and hubby like trail walking together

Simply fold sport and pop it into the back of your car. It’ll easily fit amongst your walking kit and give you plenty of space for more gear. Once you’re out in the wilderness, sport’s air tires will easily tackle tree-stumps, bumps and buggy traps along the way. The hood will protect baby from any rogue fauna and the 600d fabric’s in its element – there’s no tearing here! Once you’re home safe, hose off all the mud and leave it to dry in the sun room.

It’s common to see sport buggies that are 10 years or older on the streets. That’s how good the design is! They’ll keep going and going, lasting the test of time. You’ll be happy with the knowledge that the buggy you purchased is an investment in your future lifestyle.

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