Buying a Buggy: Important Things to Consider

One of the most important decisions to make when preparing for a new baby is buying a buggy

We’re here to share some key things to keep in mind when shopping for baby’s first set of wheels and finally buying a buggy.

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You and your life

Sure, this buggy is for your baby, but you are the pusher and this buggy is going to need to fit with you. Do you enjoy long walks and getting active, or do you prefer a coffee run to an actual run? You should choose a buggy that fits with your pre-baby lifestyle. Realistically if you’re not a jogger now, you’re probably not going to turn into sporty spice after baby (and that’s ok!).

If you’re unsure, the phil&teds dash buggy is a great ‘all-rounder’, taking on long walks just as easily as a trip into town.


When buying a buggy, choose one that you love. Like a handbag or car, this purchase should be one you are proud to use and push every day. Plush fabrics, tailored detailing and a stylish silhouette can make you feel like a million bucks, even if you’re rocking a baby spit stained shirt and messy mum bun.


This is a personal choice. There are perceptions that a 4 wheel buggy is more stable and a 3 wheel buggy is all-terrain.  Ultimately both types are tested to be safe, stable and easy to push during any adventure.

Air tyres or puncture proof? 

Air tyres do offer the ultimate in cushioned pushing, but might need a little bit of maintenance over time. However technological advances now mean that some non-air tyres offer similar performance to air. The Aeromaxx™ tyres on the phil&teds dash and voyager are puncture proof, but provide the comfort of an air-filled tyre – the ‘best of both worlds’.

Seat style and size

There tends to be two types of seats on buggies: sling and modular. Sling seats are roomier and make the buggy lighter (as no extra frame is needed for the seat).

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Modular seats are able to parent face and even sometimes have a lie flat mode. Lie flat mode offers the comfort of a carrycot, without an extra purchase. Again for the best of both worlds, a buggy like the phil&teds voyager offers both the adaptability of a modular seat, but is supersized for growing kids.

Buggy storage

You have stuff, you need to bring lots of gear for baby, where do you put it all? When buying a buggy you’ll find most buggies have a parcel tray. If you are likely to need lots of storage (for groceries, day trips or farmers’ markets) look for one with a high weight capacity. For example, the phil&teds dash buggy can fit 10kg of gear in the tray. For your personal items, like phone, wallet and keys, look out for pockets in the buggy sun hood to keep those safe and at hand.

Sun hood

Sun hoods are a must in New Zealand; we all know that the UV levels are higher here than elsewhere. Sun screen is great for toddlers, but not really an option for under 6 month olds. The phil&teds dash and voyager buggies have XL sun hoods that are 50+ UPF (the highest rating), so even if little ones don’t keep their hats on, you know baby is protected from the sun.


Foot brakes are common, but sometimes make life tricky for sandal wearing pushers. An easy to access hand brake will mean that you are more likely to use it. Therefore making it safer and more convenient.

Future proofing

It’s easy to go ‘deer in the headlights’ when thinking about growing your family further.  After all, you’re busy making a tiny human right now. Hypothetical siblings might not be on your radar, but a great single to double buggy is going to be your future lifesaver. Choosing a buggy that can adapt to become a double later is a sustainable and smart choice. It will save you the hassle of upgrading in the years to come.

After baby, you might lose some sleep, hair and spare time, but don’t lose yourself along the way. Find a buggy that will help you adapt & survive your parenting day with baby in tow at

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