A smart AND mod single stroller

A good single stroller will make your life much easier

At phil&teds we’re parents too so we design products that are going to help you adapt&survive the parenting day. 23% of American families have one child. When you’ve only got one, then you only need a single stroller! phil&teds have 2 single strollers that are cleverly designed to discreetly mould into your lifestyle. Smart and mod!

single stroller phil and teds mod rocyroque

mod in capri – Photo credit: @rocyroque

What to look for when choosing a single stroller

With such a confusing, crowded market-space we thought we’d break it down into a few easy features that really count:

  1. The seat
  2. The fold
  3. Misc. features

Seating in your single stroller

single stroller phil and teds smart fivelittlebirds

mod in noir – Photo credit: @fivelittlebirds

A sling seat

For the child, the most important feature is the seat. A comfortable seat is going to determine whether they like the buggy or not. If you get this right the first time then you could literally be strolling off into the sunset every night. Well most likely strolling down to the supermarket or just getting out of the house for 5 minutes. But the sunset is nice to ponder over.

Smart has an easy seat recline with an infinity adjustment. It can be reclined to any angle making it possible to reach a supreme comfort level with the accuracy of less than a degree.

Smarts sling seat is newborn ready with lie flat mode and fits key accessories like the cocoon and the snuggle&snooze sleeping bag. And like with every good single stroller, it has a nice bold colour palette to choose from.

A modular seat

Mod boasts a modular seat. You can change it into many shape’s and forward or rear face it. It works great with lie-flat mode and it easily clips on and off the buggy. It’s a modular miracle! Because it’s a single stroller, it’s immediately ready to host travel system clips for the car seat. No assembly required. All you need to do is purchase the travel system adaptors and you’re good to go!

Both of our single strollers have an easy foot fold

single stroller phil and teds mod sunday_collector

mod in abstract – Photo credit: @sunday_collector

In today’s world of tiny housing and apartment living, it’s important that all buggies, particularly singles, fit into storage.

The easy foot fold on both single strollers is easy to use and will fit in some under stair storage systems.

Misc. features: travel system ready!

A travel system is the ultimate convenience feature that will make your life easier. Both smart & mod are travel system ready. They fit the alpha capsule with TS40 clips to make it the most convenient newborn carrier you can imagine.


single stroller mod travel system

Picture this:

Your newborn has fallen asleep after a few tumultuous days of intermittent rest and now you’ve run out of supplies. You couldn’t possibly bring your screaming baby out from the house while it was so sleep deprived. No matter how much you empathise with parents that have unruly children in the supermarket, the last thing you want is for that person to be you. So, you’ve held off and now is your only window to get it done but now hubby’s out! What to do now? Go!

It’s easy enough to get your child into the car seat without waking them up, but having to do pull them out to put them in the buggy, to then put them back into the seat in the car again will be too much.

Luckily you have a compact travel system!

Very, very carefully, you put sleeping bubs in the seat, carry it out, clip it into the car and you’re off. Once you’re at the supermarket, unclip the carseat from its base and then clip it on the buggy. All while baby is resting.

Pretty good yeah?

There we have it. The 3 most important things that you need to consider when purchasing a single stroller.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s what a happy customer said about the smart buggy:

“the best buggy that you will ever buy! its stylish light weight easy to fold and a dream to push” – yvonne

We encourage you to visit a retailer near you and check out our single strollers for yourself. If you don’t know of a retailer visit our webshop to read more about these great buggies.

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