UK blogger dietmumfeed trains for 10k run with sport!

UK blogger, dietmumfeed, is fully embracing motherhood & fitness with her latest #adapt&survive challenge: train for a 10k run with her 2 year old daughter!

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Dietmumfeed, a mum-of-one, started running with the sport buggy in March of this year. She was so impressed with the freedom it gave her, she decided to sign up to her local 10k event.

Confident she’ll be able to prepare for the run with her daughter by her side, dietmumfeed promises to share her training journey throughout summer on her blog.

We can’t wait to see how you get on! Visit to see for yourself or follow her on instragram, Facebook and twitter.

Good luck dietmumfeed!

From the dietmumfeed blog:

I’m running 10k and training with my baby!

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I’ve signed up to the Windsor 10k and I actually can’t wait! The last time I attempted a 10k run, I was not prepared at all and felt so unfit running the 6 miles needed. I didn’t even have water with me, so that may give you an indicator of just how unready I really was. This time round I want to train properly and feel my strongest for the event.

I’m so in love with my sport running buggy that I’m confident I’ll be able to do all the necessary training with my daughter in tow. Well, that’s the goal anyway! The run takes place towards the end of September and as a way to make sure I do prepare for the run correctly, I promise to share my training experience and any tips I may pick up.

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Plus, if any one is interested in what running with a buggy is really like, I hope to shed some light on that too – while learning all I need to know about running well with a buggy – and a baby (toddler)!

Wish me luck!
Chloe x

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