What is a modular stroller?

A modular stroller is one of the truly innovative designs that is taking strollerdom by storm

At phil&teds we’re parents too, so we understand the challenges you’re going to face in the parenting day. We design products that we want to use, before we offer them to you. Have you ever had one of those life changes products that just worked and made you life easier? A modular stroller could be one of these inventions. It’s one of those products that you won’t realise you need until you actually have it.

modular stroller mod - lile flat mode @littlelifestylenz

mod in lie-flat mode – Photo credit: @littlelifestylenz

What is a modular stroller?

A modular stroller has a modular seat. Simple yeah? So what is a modular seat then? A modular seat is a seat that can be adjusted into a number of different ‘modes’, to suit your growing child. It’s like having a transformer as a car seat, but much easier to use!

The seat can be adjusted for a newborn – known as lie-flat mode (which is best for babies), to a comfortable parent facing seat as baby grows, then to a big seat that faces the world for a toddler.

modular stroller voyager @aimeempaterson

voyager – Photo credit: @aimeempaterson

The lie-flat mode seat can be used on and off of a frame giving you the option of baby lying flat on or off the stroller. A modular stroller.

Modular strollers come in many shapes and forms. At phil&teds we have voyager and mod. Voyager can take twins with its two modular seats and will adjust into a variety of handy modes. The best thing about voyager is that you can have both children in their seats with lie-flat mode at the same time. voyager has two lie-flat mode seats at once so there’s no need to buy additional carrycots which:

  1. Add cost
  2. Add more ‘baby gear’ for you to store once baby has grown

mod is one of our two compact strollers. It has a single modular seat that can be used in much the same way as voyager, but with one child. Great news if you’re only wanting a single stroller, have got two but the first is outgrown the stroller or only plan on having one in the first place.


A modular stroller for twins or a compact modular stroller – you choose.



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