What is easy&clever?

We make all of our buggies easy & clever!

At phil&teds we’re parents too, so we understand the challenges you are going to face in the parenting day. All of our products are innovative and adapt in some way to your busy lifestyle. That’s why all of our buggies are easy & clever!

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Here is a definition of easy & clever from phil&teds.com:

“Easy & clever is just the way buggies oughta be. Our clever inline design keeps babies near & dear (not far & away out front), putting weight in all the right places for an easy push & peasy pop up over kerbs. For complete parenting superpowers, we add a light & easy compact fold, superslim jim width & a supersized seat. Taa-dah! Now take the test & push the best!” – phil&teds.com

Let’s break it down:

1. Easy to push

easy&clever sport push

sport – Photo credit: @eatliverun

The most important aspect of any buggy, 3 wheel or 4 is how easy it is to push. There is no better indication of whether the buggy is worthy of your consideration or not. So many times we hear from parents that they forget to push it around the store before they purchase. After the purchase they realise they had made the wrong decision once a kerb is encountered, or a particularly rough patch of grass is negotiated.

All phil&teds buggies are super easy to push and will take most terrains in their stride.

The ultimate test is to pop a weight baby in the buggy and push it around with one hand. We call this the one hand test. Once you’ve tried it with a phil&teds buggy we recommend you try exactly the same thing with a named competitor. We’re confident that our buggies will be the easiest to push, every time!

2. Easy to pop over kerbs

sport eas&clever kerb pop

The ability to easily pop up and over small obstacles with a child in a buggy is a great feature on any buggy. To be able to do the same with 2 children on board takes the buggy to a whole new level. That’s what our buggies do! We designed and patented a concept called ‘inline’. What’s great about inline is that the second seat is mounted on the back of the buggy. This makes it super easy to pop up kerbs as the pivot point is still in the middle of the buggy.

It’s hard to quantify the value of having a buggy that is easy to push and manoeuvre over various terrains. When a second seat is mounted on the front it makes it impossibly difficult to lift up and over kerbs and even the simplest terrain. Next time you’re in a retail store we recommend you try it and see for yourself, and then try inline!

3. Slimline

mod easy & clever slimline

Inline is an amazing concept not only because it makes it easy to pop up over kerbs, but because double mode still has the footprint of a single! With a toddler sitting in the double kit, you can easily pass through turnstiles, fit the buggy on the bus and many other activities that contribute to your day.

You also avoid squabbling children. A stadium or side by side seat allows your children to fight over toys, food, clothes or whatever the colour of the sky is. Another great reason to go inline.

4. Compact fold  

We pride ourselves on being able to fit our folded buggies into a mini cooper. Try that with another brand!

5. A big seat (that’s newborn ready)

Our buggies are all ready to use from newborn onwards. Once your child is 6 months old you can parent face for better bonding. And our buggies with sling seats have high backs on them, making them perfect for older and larger riders.

phil&teds strollers are all easy & clever – ALL OF THEM. The best way to test this is to go into a retailer near you and try one. See for yourself. Enjoy the push, love the kerb pop and manoeuvrability, appreciate the big seat, play with inline. They’re all amazing features that are packed into our buggies.

Enjoy shopping. Love parenting!


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