De-cluttering For Baby – A Fully Featured Stroller Will Save Money And Space

A fully featured stroller will save you from making unnecessary purchases down the track, de-cluttering your house for baby and improving your life

At phil&teds we’re parents too, so we understand the challenges that you face in the parenting day. One of these challenges is finding the right stroller that suits your lifestyle. In today’s world of climate change, tiny housing and high pressure lifestyles people’s values are being refocused. ‘Less is more’ is the mantra of our generation – de-cluttering means less purchases and fully featured means better value. De-cluttering your lifestyle has benefits well beyond space saving in your house. Studies suggest that it has psychological benefits by relieving stress and making your lifestyle much more streamlined. In terms of a stroller purchase – this means that a fully featured stroller is the way to go.

dash fully featured stroller de-cluttering second seat

phil&teds dash in double mode – Photo credit: @jessicadaveyphoto

 A fully featured stroller is much better in the long term

Choosing a stroller that lasts the entire life of your child and then the next is the ultimate proof of longevity. The stroller must be newborn ready and then be capable of taking two children. It must also have the ability to take large children in its very large seat. Why? Because we never know how big our children are truly going to be. This Scientific American article states that children around the world are much bigger than they have ever been due to better nutrition. There’s no better way to ensure that your child will be comfortable than purchasing a stroller with a large seat.

How is de-cluttering related to fully featured?

Good question. The point of having a stroller that covers all of the bases is that it saves you from having to purchase other products. A fully featured stroller is:

  1. Newborn ready
  2. Has a second seat option
  3. Multiple uses for the second seat
  4. Parent facing mode
  5. A bouncer
  6. A compact fold
  7. A headphone jack

Let’s start with newborn ready

Your child is going to be a little wee one when you finally leave the hospital. So, you’re going to need two things:

A newborn ready stroller has a lie flat seat. A lie flat seat is great because it allows the child to lie down while they are still building strong neck muscles.

Your stroller is also going to need to be travel system ready – for added convenience.

decluttering with a dash travel system @whitneylichfield

phil&teds dash travel system – Photo credit: @whitneylichfield

Lie flat mode is not found on all strollers so it pays to ask for it when you’re shopping around.

A second seat

Statistics say that you are likely to have a second child. There are 2 different types of stroller that can take 2 children:

  1. A double stroller, which has two seats side by side
  2. Or an inline stroller, which comes as a single and can be converted to a double later on

A double stroller is usually purchased because you have, or are planning to have 2 children. It has 2 seats, usually side by side and it is very wide. A wide stroller makes it hard to do normal life activities like walking through a door or shopping on a busy main street.

An inline stroller seats the second child in the back. It keeps the balance of the stroller over the back wheels giving you the manoeuvrability of a single stroller.

fully featured stroller dash de-cluttering with second seat @cissywears

phil&teds dash with second seat – Photo credit: @cissywears

A balanced stroller such as this allows you to pop up and over kerbs and zip around shopping aisles. The best thing about an inline stroller is that it has the footprint of a single stroller, so you can easily do normal life things. Here’s a little story from Katherine, an inline owner:

“We have an inline stroller and it’s great! We have 2 children – 2 and 3. They love the back seat the most. So much so that they fight over who is going to sit in it!

The second seat is a separate purchase, meaning that your inline stroller is a handsome looking single that can be converted into a double when the time comes.

Multiple uses for your second seat

Let’s live in the now. Why would you need a second seat if you’ve only got one child? The second seat is the perfect way to extend the storage in the back of your stroller. Having that extra storage makes the shopping experience much better. You can leave all of your bags underneath the stroller giving you more freedom to get hands on with your shopping experience.

The second seat also gives you the ability to parent face with your child.

Parent facing mode is great for bonding with your child

fully featured stroller dash parent facing mode

phil&teds dash in parent facing mode

It goes without saying that bonding and building intimacy with your baby is important. The basic design of most strollers doesn’t allow this – even when they’re in lie flat mode! You need to find a stroller that allows you to blow raspberries and babble at your child on a whim. This is exactly what parent facing mode does! There are many different configurations of parent facing mode in the phil&teds stroller family. It’s the second seat that allows you to do this.

A bouncer is an essential part of the parenting day

Most babies enjoy movement and it is a good idea for parents to encourage a baby’s natural desire to be active. It’s also really fun for baby to bounce around to the beat of their favourite song.

fully featured stroller de-cluttering for baby lazyted

Convert dash’s second seat into a lazyted bouncer

The second seat on our dash stroller can be converted into a baby bouncer called ‘lazyted’. To convert your second seat into ‘lazyted’, clip it onto the frame available here. A second seat with multiple uses is going to save you precious space, time and money – ultimately de-cluttering your life.

A compact fold

At some stage you will need to put your stroller into a car. In an ideal world we’d be able to walk everywhere. Unfortunately urban sprawl makes this challenging and often impossible. It goes without saying that the stroller must fold and fit into your vehicle, without being a trunk monster. What makes a fold outstanding is:

  1. An intuitive mechanism
  2. A small fold size
  3. The ability to fold as is (with second seat attached)
  4. A lightweight frame that’s easy to lift once folded
  5. It’s easy to unfold when you’re ready to use it again

First and foremost – it needs to be easy to fold. Once it’s folded you need to fit it into your car, even if it’s very small. phil&teds prides itself on making strollers that will fit into the back of a Mini Cooper. A Mini Cooper is a tiny car. That’s a pretty good indication that you are going to have the room to fit other things in the trunk, if you own any other sort of vehicle.

Here is a video of an excellent fold:

Here is an original piece of advice straight from the people at phil&teds:

“Unfolding the stroller is as important as actually folding it” – Blair – phil&teds head

There are so many buggies out there that have a 73 step unfold process. That’s a slight exaggeration but you get the drift. A stroller that gracefully unfurls in a couple of seconds while your child patiently waits in the car because it’s raining will make every shopping trip a delight.

A headphone jack

Yes, we’re millennials and yes we have devices. A truly fully featured stroller is one that can embrace your technology. dash has a headphone input and storage for your smartphone or media player! That’s right – we’re talking modern technology in a stroller. It’s the small conveniences that make your parenting day so much easier.

There we have it. A list of all the things you’re going to need on a fully featured stroller.

Keep these in mind when you’re shopping for your stroller. Remember – if you get a stroller that has everything you need then you’ll never need to get another one!

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