What To Look For When Choosing A Hiking Stroller

This article explains what you need to look for when choosing a hiking stroller

Here at phil&teds we’re parents too, so we understand the challenges you face during the parenting day. Hiking is a popular pastime that has taken the world by storm. Getting out of the house and hiking with your baby in tow is a challenge as a new parent. Use this guide to get a better understanding of what is important in a hiking stroller.

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As a new parent, something you should look forward to is finding the right stroller for baby. Every parent has different needs for their particular lifestyle. As an outdoorsy parent that wants to escape the house and get back into nature, you have a very specific set of requirements to enable you to do this.

The best hiking stroller will have:

  • Air filled tyres
  • Hardy fabrics
  • A sturdy brake
  • Slimline frame
  • A well positioned grab bar

Air filled tyres are a winner for any hiking stroller

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A common problem when hiking with a stroller is slipping on roots and wet stones. Air filled tyres will grip better than any other tyre, giving you peace of mind knowing that your baby is going to be safe. They are also going to absorb any shock and provide better manoeuvrability.

Hardy fabrics have multiple uses

Hiking is dirty work. When you first started shopping for a stroller did you notice that most are differentiated by colour only? If you look closely at the differences between the fabrics, you’ll notice that most of them are very soft and hard to clean. A hardy fabric may not be the best looking cover for your stroller, but it’s certainly the most practical! The best fabric set for any hiking stroller is heavy duty 600D polyester. 600D will protect the child from any trees and branches that flick unexpectedly.

A sturdy brake for when you really need to take a photo

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You’ll know by now that any stroller that is great to push is also quick to roll away. You may have even seen some of the horror videos of strollers rolling onto train tracks after the parent has turned around, even for just a second. Find a stroller with a sturdy brake that is easy to engage. It will give you peace of mind when you decide to turn around and take that epic panorama that’s just behind you.

A slimline frame is best for hiking trails

When hiking, there are moments when the trail is only passable in single file. If you’ve got a stroller that’s wide, you’re going to have a hard time getting through these tight spots. The best hiking stroller is going to be slimline, giving you the freedom to get through the precarious tight spots and in between the overgrown tree branches.

A well positioned grab bar

Your child needs something to hold on to. Not every hiking trail is going to be perfectly flat. When you have to negotiate rough terrain, a hiking stroller needs to have a sturdy, well positioned grab bar for the child to hold on to while they enjoy the ride. The bar will be padded and firmly attached to the frame of the stroller.

Hiking has many benefits beyond great scenery

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There are so many reasons to get out and go hiking with your child. Here are a few that we think make it most worthwhile:

  1. An excellent thing to do as a family
  2. Build bonds with your new friends from the antenatal group
  3. A cheap and easy way to lose weight
  4. Explore places in the world that are not available on YouTube or TV

When you go hiking, remember to take your camera. It’s a great way to generate plenty of content for instagram and facebook.

At the end of the day you will find the hiking stroller that best fits your needs. Remember to talk to your friends, keep looking online and speak with a local retailer to get their opinions. If you get the right stroller the first time, your life is going to become unimaginably better.

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