4 Ways To Contain Your Baby

How and when do you contain your baby? And then, what with? This guide runs through ways that you can contain your baby with phil&teds products

At phil&teds we’re parents too, so we understand the challenges that you’re going to face in the parenting day. One of those challenges is figuring out how to contain your baby. We have products that can help with this, whether it’s for sleep, safety or for fun.

contain your baby in traveller @currentlysamanthaleigh

Contain your child in traveller – Photo credit: @currentlysamanthaleigh

Traveller as a playpen

Traveller is undoubtedly one of the most innovative products in the phil&teds family. It’s a travel cot that’s lighter than baby, breaks down to backpack size and is super quick and easy to assemble. It’s multifunctional too. Traveller converts to a playpen – giving parents the ability to contain their children in times of need.

What is a time of need then? It’s that half an hour before naptime – the beginning of the downward spiral. It’s that moment in time when the only positive interaction possible is with their collection of toys. Wind down time. The traveller playpen is the perfect place to contain this precious half hour of intense play.

How does it convert into a playpen? The side unzips and voila – it’s a playpen!

Lieflat mode on your buggy

A baby is well contained in a lie-flat buggy. This is usually because they’re only a couple of weeks old when they’re in there. Lie flat has high sides that contain your baby protecting them from rolling out, bright rays of sun or the elements. Lie flat mode is popular amongst Scandinavian mothers because they can safely leave the stroller out in the elements. In Stockholm or Oslo its common to see strollers bunched outside cafes in the snow – with babies in them! It’s a cultural idiosyncrasy that is common in the Nordic regions. In Denmark parents take the view that it can make the child stronger by exposing it to the elements. Of course it’s wrapped up to protect it from the elements and there’s usually a gadget monitoring the sounds.

A cocoon

contain your baby in smart cocoon @mumcentral

smart with a cocoon in lie flat mode – Photo credit: @mumcentral

A cocoon is another great way to contain your baby. These are best for newborns and last all the way until the child is 6 months old. A cocoon is transferable between strollers / beds and bassinets, meaning that if the child is asleep, you don’t need to wake them! They’re like a mini sleeping bag that is made especially for your small child. They’re the softest carrycot you can buy and will fit in any stroller with lie-flat mode.

Lazyted bouncer

Another use for your phil&teds double kit. The lazyted bouncer is a clever adaptation of a very clever innovation that we invented! First, click here to see our definition of inline and what a double kit is. A bouncer will both contain and entertain your child giving you 5 minutes of freedom to do whatever you want!

Alpha baby car seat

Alpha our safe&lightweight infant car seat will contain your baby while you travel. It has base options to click&go and fits on all phil&teds strollers as a travel system. The best thing about alpha is that it has a reversible liner that changes it from a grey marl to a nice black colour. The difference between alpha and the rest of the products mentioned is that it contains them for safety reasons. Children should be in a baby car seat until they can control their head and they can no longer fit the shoulder straps.

Containing your baby should be easy until they learn how to climb. Once they’ve learnt this valuable skill life if going to become much more challenging. For now, enjoy them while they’re small and just that little bit helpless.

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