Cocoon Travel Fix – A Stylish Booster Seat

When your child reaches a certain age their booster seat needs to be their executive seat

booster seat cocoon travel seat
Here at phil&teds we’re parents too so we understand the challenges faced during the parenting day. A key day to day activity is safely transporting your child from A to B. Getting the right car seat for your child is essential for their safety on the road. Once a child reaches a certain height they need to have a special type of seat to accommodate their needs.  A booster seat is the type of restraint your child will need once they’ve outgrown their harnessed seat.

In New Zealand parents can use a variety of different seats for this. You can use seats that are under the ECE R44/04 (European) safety standard, AS/NZ 1754:2013 – Australian Safety Standard and the FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Today we are going to be talking about the European style seat.

An ECE booster seat

European styled seats have a certain set of features and are the seats most likely to include ISOfix. The types are separated into the following ‘groups’.

  1. Newborn – 13kg: group o+
  2. Group 1: 9 – 18kg
  3. Group 2: 15 – 25kgs
  4. And group 3: 18 – 36kgs

Today we’re going to talk about group 3 boosters and how they benefit your child.

A group 3 booster seat is for children between 18 and 36kgs. They use the cars safety belt to harness the child in. The main purpose of a group 3 booster is to ensure the seatbelt safely crosses the child’s shoulders and provides side impact protection in the unlikely event of an accident.

Our group 3 booster seat is the cocoon travel fix. It has ISOfix to ensure the easiest installation possible and has a super tall seat back for monster children. Cocoon travel fix has a stylish perforated leatherette finish and a cup holder for maximum comfort.

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