Traveller portacot – a Dad’s view

Here’s a view of the traveller portacot from a Dad in the phil&teds office

Here at phil&teds we’re parents too so we understand the challenges that you face in the parenting day. We’re constantly trying to make the parenting day easier by creating solutions to solve key parenting challenges. One of these challenges is travelling with baby. Have you ever tried to haul a portacot around with you?

traveller portacot littleluxtraveller

traveller – Photo credit: @littleluxtraveller

There are many things that make traveller an outstanding portacot

The most important feature is that it’s 2.8kgs. One of the challenges that our engineering team had to work through was making a product that is truly a lightweight and portable solution. There were many products that claimed they were lightweight but weighed in excess of 10kgs! That’s all of an airlines carry-on luggage or half of the suitcase allowance. The idea of being able to completely disassemble the product gave the team the ability to use truly lightweight parts. Altogether traveller is a portacot that weighs in lighter than most new born babies!

I couldn’t believe I could fit a portacot into my backpack

I’m a cyclist so I wear a backpack a lot. It’s the most practical storage device available. Other cyclists will agree that you get attached your backpack. I tend to take it with me no matter where we go. Now that I have to travel with a child I’ve found that the backpack is a godsend. Why? Because I can fit the traveller in it! Seriously – it fits. We’re always struggling with the amount of stuff we need to take with us. My backpack used to be my private stowaway with all the essential man stuff I need. Given now that we’ve got the boy and everything that comes with him, we have to use every extra bit of storage possible – making backpack it! Last time we flew to Auckland the portacot was packed last because the boy was asleep. Our collective baby brains forgot to make room in our check-in luggage for it so we had to improvise. Combined with my toiletries, laptop and a jersey, my total carry-on came in under the 7kg mark. What surprised me the most about fitting it into my backpack was that it wasn’t even a struggle! It just slipped right in.

It’s super easy to setup too

We’re a competitive bunch here at the phil&teds support office. We have had many traveller assembly competitions here in the office. Take a look at our portacot challenge:

In terms of figuring out how to do things, my view is ‘if in doubt, read the instructions’. I’ve never had to look at the traveller instructions once – not ever.

Anyway, that’s my view of the product. It’s an amazing product that all of the staff at phil&teds marvel over. Biased as it may be, I challenge you to find a portacot better suited for travel.

Learn about traveller here >

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