A Stroller for Twins – where to start

Here at phil&teds we’re parents too so we understand the challenges that you face during the parenting day. All of our products solve key parenting problems with your lifestyle in mind. One of these is finding a stroller for twins

So you’re having twins. It might have been planned, it could’ve been a surprise. It doesn’t really matter how it happened, the question is – what do you do now? You need to get a stroller for twins!

a stroller for twins - phil and teds voyager @the.russells

voyager in double mode – Photo credit: @the.russells

While you were waiting on the first scan to figure out what colour clothes to buy, you planned the nursery, purchased a crib, and the rest. Consumables like nappies, bottles, sterilisers, bonjela and everything else you can imagine are filling all of the living spaces. Then the bomb dropped – you’re going to have to do that again, for the second child!

Luckily you put off buying the stroller. Finding a stroller that fits your needs is hard enough, without taking into consideration a second child, of the same age.

So, where do you start now?

In normal circumstances, your children will have a couple of years between them. This makes clothing and decor easy. You can use the hand me downs from the older child and recycle furniture if you need to.

phil and teds voyager in lie flat mode with newborn @lennoxarloandme

voyager in lie flat mode – Photo credit: @lennoxarloandme

When there are two children of the same age, you have to have 2 of everything.

Questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • How often am I going to be leaving the house?
  • Once I’ve left the house, how long am I going to be gone?
  • Do I need a tandem or side by side?

Travel systems let you leave the house with a newborn

A travel system is a combination of a stroller and an infant car seat. The car seat clips onto and off of the stroller. With the addition of a car seat base, it can be clipped into the car. This saves you from having to remove and attach the harness for each child every time you get out of the car. It’s a convenience thing. A 5 minute job that could wake up your child is now a 2 second job with almost zero risk of disturbance.

A travel system excels at time saving – especially when you have bases for the seats.

Once I’ve left the house, how long am I going to be gone?

This is a good question. Before you had children you could leave the house, run into friends, start talking to someone and that 10 minute trip all of a sudden became 2 hours. It’s different with children.

stroller for twins - @antonycosta phil and teds voyager

voyager with lie flat bassinet – Photo credit: @antonycosta

Your new babies are going to be sleeping for 18 hours a day. Lots of sleep can mean very little time out of the house and running into someone is less welcome than it used to be.

It could be worth considering a stroller with a carrycot or lie flat bassinet, like the voyager.

Voyagers seat is called ‘4 in 1 modular’. A modular seat can be used as a bassinet and then converted to make a variety of different shaped seats. Bassinets are increasingly important for children under 2 months old. Why? A 2 month old child is still developing control of its head. They can remain horizontal and choose to sleep, or play on the go.

Voyager also fits 2 bassinets, perfect for twins or a lazy play-date.

When choosing a stroller for twins, what’s better, tandem or side by side?

There many types of double stroller out there. All strollers can be boiled down to two major groups – side by side and tandem.

A side by side stroller is self explanatory. It’s a common type of double stroller that you’ll see on the city streets. The children sit side by side, enabling them to communicate with each other which can lead to altercations, among other cute things!

Seats are stacked on a tandem stroller. It could be on the top or on the bottom. There are 2 major types of tandem seating configuration, stadium and inline.

phil and teds voyager - double mode @the.russells

voyager – Photo credit: @the.russells

Here at phil&teds we’re the proud inventors of the inline stroller. Inline is when the second child sits underneath the front seat allowing for the best manoeuvrability. It’s all in the clever engineering that allows you to pop up kerbs and easily navigate uneven terrain.

phil&teds strollers are 2 child ready with the double kit and are easy to manoeuvre. Glide through shopping centres, the park or always be ready for an unexpected dash down the road.

Voyager is our stroller for twins. It takes 2 car seats. The combination of bassinet and inline is the ultimate for unexpected coffee stops. You can easily fit into shops and public transport with the added benefit of folding small. Because the seats are modular, they change and grow with your children so it will last until they’re all grown up!

The choice is yours. At the end of the day you should be choosing a stroller that suits your lifestyle.

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