Gifts for new parents – Useful ideas that every new Mother will love!

At phil&teds we’re parents too so we understand the challenges of the parenting day. As you experience your friends having children, you may not have any idea what these new challenges are. And now you’re now in the position to buy them a gift..

The ‘normal’ things we used to know such as wine, deli meats and soft cheeses are now off the menu. So what gifts for new parents would be a welcome addition in their household?

gifts for new parents phil and teds cocoon

phil&teds cocoon accessory – Photo credit: @dittedegn

Here is a list of some of the most practical and thoughtful ideas you could consider. Some are off-beat and a little bit out of the square, but we’re confident that they’ll add to your friend’s maternal experience.

Gifts for new parents – under $100

Bulk wipes

There are certain items that are necessities:

  • Nappies,
  • clothes,
  • bathing liquids
  • and WIPES

Bulk wipes make a poonami manageable and can easily clean a face that just nose dived into the spaghetti bowl. There are so many moments during the parenting day that require a wet wipe to clean up the mess. A new parent can never have too many bulk wipes.

A cup holder for the stroller

A good cup holder is going to help every parent immensely during their morning walk.

gifts for new parents phil and teds mod cup holder

phil&teds mod in capri with cup holder accessory

It frees up the hands for quick manoeuvring and allows them to easily check their phone on a whim. A good cup holder can also be a solid phone holder. It’s in the right place, high enough to hear the notifications and handy enough to grab when you need it.

Those 6.30am walks are now easily manageable caffeinated 6.30am walks and there’s no better place to put the water bottle during your midday jog in the park.

Travel bag

One thing that new parents overlook when they purchase their stroller is a sturdy travel bag. A good travel bag will protect their stroller from dings and scratches. It will also increases the lifespan of their investment while they’re waiting on number 2, or 3. How does it do this? By protecting it from rust and any sort of corrosion that could happen when exposed to the elements.

The beauty of a good travel bag is that they can easily be used as another large suitcase. Some are even lockable, making them safe, and they can have a large interior storage space.

Pro tip: there are many airlines that allow a stroller to be checked in free of charge. If you get a good travel bag for your stroller that has a little bit of extra storage, you can put as many extra clothes that fit. Shhh though, this is the exclusive airline hack found by the parenting day superheroes at phil&teds.

Food tray

Everyone likes food, especially children.

gifts for new parents phil and teds food tray for stroller

phil&teds food tray accessory

A food tray attachment to a stroller gives children the ability to divert at least a little bit of the mess on the seat or themselves! If you know that your friend has a stroller already, always consider a food tray as a great gift for parents to be.

Lambswool liner

There is nothing more luxurious than the delicate touch of lambswool. Wool is one of nature’s great insulators. It keeps you warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot and it’s delicious to touch! A lambswool liner is going to be super soft on the child’s behind while keeping their temperature regulated. A welcome addition to any stroller purchase, this is one of the things that can easily be overlooked by a parent, but perfect as a gift from a friend.

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is great for wriggly babies and is affordable enough to make it a great gifting item.

gifts for new parents phil and teds sleeping bag

phil&teds sleeping bag

You’re probably thinking: ‘baby doesn’t go camping though!’ Well, yes sometimes they do, but a sleeping bag is not a niche camping product. It’s in fact a practical solution for the wrigglers acting as a blanket that stays on the baby, no matter how much they try to kick it off.


A phil&teds original invention, this portable clip-on highchair is something that every parent must have because of its size and convenience.

gifts for new parents phil and teds lobster @deadsetcorker

phil&teds lobster – Photo credit: @deadsetcorker

Lobster allows you to feed your baby no matter where you are. The best thing is that it folds down to about the size of a dinner plate, making it super easy to fit into any bag that you own.

Gifts for new parents – over $100


Another phil&teds classic, this is the lightest travel cot on the market – by far.

gifts for new parents phil and teds traveller portacot @littlewanderworld

phil&teds traveller – Photo credit: @littlewanderworld

It’s quick and easy to setup and it’s perfect for travel. Aside from being a normal, easy to use portacot, they’re affordable and packages nicely into present size. Traveller can be set up in 2 minutes flat too.

Check out this video demonstration of a traveller setup:


Another very innovative product from phil&teds which are great gifts for new parents. The freerider board attaches to the back of a phil&teds stroller and helps the child develop balancing skills. It’s the type of gift you’d give to parents that are having their second child.

gifts for new parents phil and teds freerider attached to smart stroller

phil&teds smart with freerider accessory

The beauty of it is that the child can ride close in stroller board mode, or rider free, as at a swivel of the wheel, it transforms into a scooter – great fun for kids who are learning their independence!

Buying gifts for new parents isn’t that terrifying after all!

If you are still stuck, or all of the above mentioned have already been purchased, we suggest speaking with a nursery retailer near you. They’ll have hundreds of suggestions that will lead you to the right gifting decision.

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