A child carrier for hot weather

At phil&teds we’re parents too, so we understand the challenges you face in the parenting day. This article is going to outline different aspects to consider when choosing a child carrier for hot weather

I often go for long hikes with my partner. Mountain ranges are our favourite hikes as they are challenging, technical and offer a spectacular view once you reach the summit. Now that we’ve had our child, we have toned it back to day walks. Day walks are usually a lot safer and not as technical as a mountain climb. The challenge we face now that we’re below the tree line is keeping cool.. We also had to find a good child carrier for hot weather to keep our little one cool.

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A child carrier for hot weather

Having breathable gear is a godsend for my outdoor excursions. Depending on what time of year you go, life amongst the trees can be sweltering. Extra airflow is what makes breathable gear so important in my own cache of hiking equipment, as it’s always going to lower my body temperature.

As an avid hiker, I’ve learnt that my ability to sweat is directly related to the rise in humidity in the forest. I’ve found that the most breathable gear is made of synthetic fabrics. Synthetic fabrics are breathable and moisture wicking, making it more comfortable for longer hikes. My preference is Nylon. Nylon breathes better than any other type of fabric and is super duper lightweight. The tradeoff is that it is a bit rougher to touch than other synthetic fabrics, but I can handle that.

Hiking with a child carrier in the hot weather

When our child was born, I had to use all of my hiking knowledge to figure out exactly what to look for in a baby carrier.

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After a thorough investigation that involved speaking with retailers and reading many articles online, common sense prevailed. A good child carrier for hot weather is going to be made out of the same stuff as great hot weather hiking gear.

What is good hot weather gear then?

Good hot weather clothing wicks away moisture and is usually synthetic. It’s also breathable and very lightweight. Fabrics that are great for hot weather include polyesters, nylons and merino. Cotton feels great, but it is far too absorbent for use in the great outdoors(cotton tends to chaff a bit too).

Storage is king

Storage is also a very important. You need a carrier  that has enough storage to take a days supplies and all the survival accessories that you need, in case there is an unexpected weather change. As a hiker, you’re probably aware of this. As a new parent, we were completely oblivious to how much more important extra storage there was going to be.

Day trips are your future, for now

Overnight trips are more or less ruled out for the first few months of your child’s birth.

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A visor for extreme weather

A great child carrier for hot weather is going to have a hood. The hood must be sturdy enough to handle wind gusts, and it must have a visor on it, as it also acts as a UV filter, stopping the effect of the harsh UV rays of the sun.

A bladder insert for hydration

Much like a regular hiking pack, a hiking carrier for hot weather is going to have an insert for a 2 – 3 litre bladder.

Other things to look for, not directly related to hot weather

  • Evenly distributed weight around the shoulders
  • Brightly coloured fabrics so that you’re easily spotted
  • A sturdy kickstand

One last note

Getting back out into the wilderness with a child is exciting. With a bit of luck they’ll pick up on your passion and you’ll instill a lifelong adventurous streak that will keep them learning for years to come!

Choosing the right child carrier for hot weather will enhance your hiking experience

After playing around with many carriers we settled on a phil&teds escape, which was nylon and had a large storage system.

Remember: take only photographs, leave only footprints!


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