Introducing our Best Prams of 2018!

Introducing our best prams of 2018!

At phil&teds we’re parents too, so we understand the challenges in the parenting day. A new year is here, which gives us 365 new parenting days for you to embrace! We’ve taken the time to compile a list of our best prams of 2018 and highlighted what is great about them for you. 

best prams of 2018 @lalarralde

phil&teds mod – Photo credit: @lalarralde

Over the years the pram has evolved to become an indispensable parenting item. It’s important to know that you’re getting the best pram that suits your needs. A good pram is going to make your life as a parent so much easier. It’s going to improve your lifestyle and allow you the means to go out & about your parenting day hassle free.


Compact&complete, this modular seat pram allows many different seating positions including parent facing mode to increase intimacy and bonding with your child. It’s got a great colour palette, is newborn ready, and is compact enough to store away in an apartment. I live in the city so storage is something that I really have to think about. We actually purchased a mod and love it!

best pram of 2018 @beatriceturner

phil&teds mod – Photo credit: @beatriceturner

Here is what the experts are saying:


“The mod has a wow factor about it as soon as you open the box. The compact chassis is neatly packed with minimal assembly required, we know parents will love the mod from the word go! Its fresh and funky appearance is perfect for style savvy city goers”

See what our customers are saying:

“The mod stroller is compact, versatile and easy to manoeuvre. This pram is both compact in fold and compact in the area it takes up when pushing. When folded, it only takes up half of the floor space of my very small boot (Ford Focus hatch) and can be placed to one side instead of spanning across the width of my boot, meaning I can easily fit shopping in the other side of my boot. The body of the pram is not long like other models, meaning that it is easier to manage in shops and it parks compactly at swimming lessons. The versatility of the pram is amazing. It is parent-facing, front-facing and bassinet parent-facing all in one package – no extras required.

My older kids call it the “Transformer Pram”. Manoeuvring this pram is a breeze. It glides around corners, turns on a dime and I often only need one hand. The fold is easy, once you’ve practised a couple of times. There are prams out there with easier folds, but you won’t get anywhere near the versatility in those prams that you do with this one. I have really enjoyed this pram so far and I’m totally in love with it. It is also stylish to boot! I’ve had lots of comments from other parents about its good looks and compact versatility. Well done to the brilliant minds at phil&teds, you’ve done extremely well with this one!” – Blossom, Wagga Wagga, Australia


It’s the pram that you take to the hospital with you. smart has 3 newborn modes so you are literally ‘ready to go’ from the maternity ward. It has lie flat mode that lets the child face you, you can add a cocoon accessory and it easily fits a car seat (with the correct adaptors). Compact & ready to go, smart is an easy, fabric sling seated pram that has 3 newborn modes, which makes it one our best prams of 2018.  

best prams of 2018 - smart @passportbaby

phil&teds smart – Photo credit: @passportbaby

Here’s what the experts are saying


“We researched a lot of prams and are absolutely loving this one! It’s light and the wheels maneuver great!! It’s easy to fold, has nice padding inside for baby and the quality has been amazing! I would purchase again in a heartbeat. I bought the raspberry colour, it’s very cute not cheap looking. Recommend to all new mothers!” – Dee, Sydney

best prams of 2018 - smart @trista.knoche

phil&teds smart –
Photo credit: @trista.knoche

See what our customers are saying:

“We were looking for something compact, super easy to fold, but that could also be used on tracks – not just a city stroller. The smart was the best choice! Last but not least, it comes at a very reasonable price compared to what is proposed by the competitors. We love our Smart!” – StephCH


dot is the only pram from phil&teds that is 2 child ready out of the box. It comes with a double kit, meaning that you use the buggy in many different configurations.

best pram of 2018 @sarahtheresev

phil&teds dot –
Photo credit: @sarahtheresev

Here’s what the experts are saying


“phil&teds dot v3 Pushchair is a compact and lightweight pushchair. The double kit is included meaning you have the option to keep this pushchair as your family grows. The dot is one of phil&teds most popular pushchairs and it is not hard to see why! Suitable from birth to approximately 5 years”

best pram of 2018 @ne_audrey

phil&teds dot – Photo credit: @ne_audrey

See what our customers are saying

“We took this buggy for our two children of 1, 5 years and of 2 months old thus we use it in a baby&toddler version by now. Frankly we are very happy with it, it’s small and passes every where (however for the old 54cm large lift we should put off the posterior wheels to let it pass), it’s light and easy to push also with one hand. It’s definitely a solution for those who have two small children of close age.

I notice just two minor points: in baby&toddler version when toddler stays on the additional seat over the baby he has no support where to put legs as he stays upper with respect to the main seat. Also the additional seat itself is smaller then the main seat. It’s not a problem as our toddler doesn’t like to stay in any stroller he prefers walking so we put him there just for short distances or when he is sleeping (and he sleeps well in this buggy). Thus, for us it is a fantastic stroller, we love it!”


sport is phil&teds innovative & all terrain inline pram. It’s the only pram in the world with autostop braking technology and is as comfortable on a waterfront esplanade as it is on a rugged hiking trail. sport is by far the most solid pram in market, and it’s one of those prams that you can take anywhere and be 100% confident that no matter what happens, it’ll keep the kids safe. You can run, walk, use it as a buggy fit instrument, drag it through the mud and then hose it down afterwards and it’ll look like new! It’s the ultimate go anywhere pram.

best pram of 2018 @littlemiss_bcn

phil&teds sport –
Photo credit: @littlemiss_bcn

Here’s what the experts are saying


“It’s ideal for parents wanting an all-terrain stroller with the functionality of being able to hold one or two children. It’s light to manoeuvre, with innovative kerb pop technology and a compact, fast fold.”

best prams of 2018 - sport - @blondegiraffe_

phil&teds sport –
Photo credit: @blondegiraffe_

See what our customers are saying:

“We bought this stroller shortly after my son was born almost 2 years ago. It has really held up! It’s great quality, has lasted many walks and is very comfortable for my son to sit in and for us to push him. We are expecting our 2nd baby soon and are looking forward to continue using this stroller with both of them!”


voyager is phil&teds modular & complete, twin ready, style buggy. What makes it one of our best prams of 2018 is that it can take 2 full size modular seats and have them in lie flat mode at the same time! It’s stylish and has a number of seat configurations ranging from forward and forward, to back and forward and everything in between!

best prams of 2018 - voyager - @lisas.little.loves

phil&teds voyager – Photo credit: @lisas.little.loves

Here’s what the experts are saying


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“A single to double buggy that’s got a wide variety of seating options for the growing family, great to push but can be heavy.Versatile, simple to convert from single to double and vice-versa, stylish, inline footprint, easy to push along flat, sturdy.”

best prams of 2018 - voyager - @lisas.little.loves lakeside

phil&teds voyager – Photo credit: @lisas.little.loves

See what our customers are saying

“Having previously tried a number of different double pushchairs for my singleton’s I needed the complete package after discovering I was expecting twins. After spending months researching something that was simple, easy and had as few parts, piece’s and adapters as possible, I decided the voyager was the one! Admittedly not the cheapest option however this will most definitely see you through from birth to easily 3+. The fact the seat units can go from carrycot to infant seat in seconds made it feel more value for money and I didn’t have to worry about pram parts cluttering up the place after a few months.

I purchased the alpha car seats and adapters which made getting out and about that bit easier. The pushchair itself is a dream to push and manoeuvre around my small village paths as well as shops. It’s easy and quick to fold and can fit into even the smallest of car boots with both seat units attached which was another selling point for me”. – Dannydls


The strapline mod&uber light really sums this pram up well. It’s much lighter than the competition due to its aluminium frame. The marl fabrics are also a stylish touch that help make it very striking pram, easily spotted in urban centres.

Here’s what the experts are saying

From pushchairexpert

“For parents of one child thinking about a second, or with two children close in age, the dash will make getting out and about much easier. The suspension and Aeromaxx tyres creating a really smooth push and ride”

best prams of 2018 - dash - @paperandlilies

phil&teds dash –
Photo credit: @paperandlilies

See what our customers are saying

“So I got my dash stroller a month ago to replace my old explorer that I’d bought second hand. I have absolutely loved phil&ted’s strollers – and the dash was even better than I had hoped for. The hood is one of my favourite features for how far forward it pulls down. When I’m out and about with both of my toddlers I can pull it down to block out some of the surrounding sights and my girl will go quickly to sleep. It protects her from the sun and wind and gives her a bit of privacy as she naps.

The fact that this stroller can fold in double mode is HUGE. We own a Mazda 3 with the tiniest trunk on the face of this planet, not many single strollers fit very well without some shoving into it. Forget trying to fit any standard double strollers by any other brand. The dash fits our trunk amazingly, I don’t have to finagle and push and shove in order to fit it in. Another thing I love about this stroller is that it’s an absolute work horse. It is a breeze to fold up and to unfold, no hassle to work with at all.

The brakes work very well, and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about popped tires while I’m out and about. Our little family shares the one car, so many days my husband has the vehicle for work. This means if I need to run any errands, I have to walk to go and do them. Thankfully we live in the centre of town. This stroller handles 3 to 4 hours of running errands in a day, hauling babies in double mode AS WELL as giving me the capability to do a small to medium grocery run while we are out. For our family situation, this stroller is a dream. Easily the best investment we have made so far” – jhadew

Our best prams of 2018, in summary

We recommend going to your local retailer and ask to see a demo of phil&teds prams. In store you can push them around, play with the fold and see firsthand how great they are.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think the best prams of 2018 are.

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