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Knus in de buggy!

De cocoon is een lichtgewicht reiswieg met zachte buitenkant en een afritsbaar dekje. Hij houd je baby knus & warm in de wandelwagen. Door de hengsels en stevige bodem kun je de baby in & uit de wandelwagen tillen, zonder zijn of haar rust te verstoren.

59,00 Available now. Ships now
59,00 Available now. Ships now
59,00 Available now. Ships now

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De cocoon-reiswieg is HOT! want:

  • inbakeren, dragen en ronddwalen: in & buiten de buggy
  • utralicht van gewicht met slechts 1,2 kg
  • zachte, lange hengsels voor 'zacht schommelen' en draaggemak
  • kan stevig worden vastgezet in het zitje in horizontale ligstand van je phil&teds-wandelwagen
  • luxueuze gevoerde zijkanten & stevige bodem met matras voor een comfortabel ritje
  • knus & warm, dus perfect voor winterbaby's!
  • duurzame & afveegbare polyesterbuitenbekleding
  • dekje met rits zodat je makkelijk bij je baby kunt
  • geschikt vanaf pasgeborene tot ongeveer 6 maanden
  • voldoende ruimte (lengte x breedte x hoogte): 60 x 30 x 20 cm
  • geschikt voor een maximale belasting van 9 kg
  • voldoet aan veiligheidsnorm EN1466: 2004 - Europa

Compatibel met de volgende wandelwagenmodellen:

  • classic
  • sport
  • dash
  • explorer
  • hammerhead
  • twin
  • DOT
  • navigator
  • vibe
  • verve
  • Phil and Teds stroller footmuff in black

    snuggle & snooze-slaapzak

    slaapzak voor de wandelwagen
  • PHIL_AND_TEDS_POPPY_highchair_cranberry_with-awards_1200x1200px

    poppy hoge kinderstoel

    van hoge kinderstoel naar 'mijn...
  • PHIL_AND_TEDS_LOBSTER_red_with-awards_1200x1200px

    tafelhangstoel lobster

    je elke dag iets lekkers aan tafel!
  • universal food tray

    universeel eetblad

easy to carry and smart looking cot


It is very light and easy to fold. Very compact for air travel.

Marvellous bed for your flexible little one


This is great for little ones. It won't last long as is isn't very big but this aside it has so far been wonderful. We have used it for a bed when round friends, it has a been perfect little bed when we have been away at the weekends staying in our house bus where space is at a premium, it has been a great second bed for day sleeps when milk spillage has required the bassinet to be cleaned and dried, and even used inside the bassinet for a nice cosy hideout when settling was a problem. Also little one can rest out in the garden (in our Sport buggy) so I could do a spot of gardening. Perfect for flexibility for our 5 week old... and she loves it, she sleeps well in it. Portability is perfect, nice handles and easy to fold down and pack in the car.

Good quality but no good for larger babies


I loved the carrycot but unfortunately as our baby is rather long I had to send it back as she wouldn't have been able to straighten her legs at 2.5 months old. Would be a good purchase for a small baby from an early age just was no good for us unfortunately.

Nice accessory for small baby


I haven't tried this out yet bit t looks like good quality and nice material. Quite small but ideal for newborn and not overly expensive compared with other brands. Also looks like it will be easy to store. Would be better if had a removable mattress to protect from any accidents but overall happy with it so far



Great idea but could be better....
The base really needs to be washable as there is no way of washing when baby makes a mess (mine was sick in it on the first day now it's stained!)
The fold over is cute but elastic could do with being tighter as it comes of the toggles and the apron is really long
Definately not suitable up to 6 months unless baby is folded in half!

I am very happy with it


We are using it all the time. Not only for the stroller but for sleeping with us and sleeping during the day. I can take my little son with me every where I am going.
It is a good quality and the delivery was super quick.
It is a great value for money. I can recommend this product.

Great cocoon!


We bought the cocoon about 3 weeks ago. Our bub is as snug as a rug in the cocoon as the bassinet we got was too big and roomy...he sleeps really well in it. We have no doubt that it's warm and safe. Can't wait to take it out and about too! Keep the germy hands of others at a safe distance and he can feel like he's still asleep at home. Awesome stuff!

cocoon for baby 2


I have an older model phil and ted buggy - it was a relief that cocoon still available.It looks a good quality now waiting to use it :-)

Snuggle bag


We call it the snuggle bag and our baby loves it. Even though she is almost too long for it she loves it really snuggly and cosy so I even put blankets at the bottom of the bag to make it cosier.. as soon as we'll carry her around in it, she falls asleep. I basically move her around in it everywhere at home, it's super practical if you're by yourself and don't want to leave baby by itself.

Great product


Great product easy to place in pram and just to carry around separate.

So useful but isn't going to last much longer


Despite having a summer baby we have found this so useful. We've used it from birth and it seems so much cosier and comfier for the baby than rattling around in the open using straps. That said, we did have to put some rolled up blankets n U shapes around the edges for the first few weeks.

The cocoon is also really handy for an easy transfer from pushchair to house and is a good place to put a baby down flat in when visiting friends etc.

The downside is that it certainly doesn't last 6 months. I never expected it to last 6 months but I had hoped for at least 3 months. My son is indeed long, but at 7 weeks his head and feet are touching both ends and that's with his legs not entirely straight!! I'll probably get a couple more weeks use out of it, but 2 months isn't any where near the 6 advertised. How you would ever fit a 20lb baby in there I will never know!

If it lasted longer I would have given it 5 stars. i almost gave it 3 stars but you can't help my son being long... However I do believe that 6 months is not good advertising.


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