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Pas je wandelwagen aan om 2 kinderen mee te nemen!

Deze duokit is het tweede zitje voor je explorer™-wandelwagen en wordt inclusief zonnekap geleverd. Dit model heeft geen leun- of ligstanden en wordt exclusief dubbel regenscherm geleverd.

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So much needed!!!!


I was looking for this item all over the world and luckily found it here on your website.. thank you very much.. final equation: double kit found + both kids on the same stroller = happy kids & happy parents

So handy


Great addition, be awesome if you didn't have to un hook it ro access the baby and if the sun cover attached but minor thinges and definately recommend the toddler seat

Explorer double kit


Very happy, easy to put on and take off. I would recommend this product.

So Convenient


I use my second seat all the time and love it. My boys are 22 months apart so I have had them both in a stroller for the past year. It is easy to set up but my favourite part is how compact it is. I don't feel like I am pushing a bus around.

Very useful add-on


I bought the double kit when I had my second baby, my first was 19 months old. It's very useful and convenient. My only criticism is that when my 19 month old sleeps, his head falls forward then ends up leaning on a metal part of the hood.

Double kit


I have been very impressed with the double kit I recently purchased. It is light and extremely easy to attach and detach - only need an extra 30 seconds or so to attach /detach it.


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