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Pas je wandelwagen aan om 2 kinderen mee te nemen!

Deze duokit is het tweede zitje voor je vibe-wandelwagen, geproduceerd vóór 2014.

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    lazyted voor de vibe

    adapterframe verandert duokit in...
  • Phil and Teds stroller footmuff in black

    snuggle & snooze-slaapzak

    slaapzak voor de wandelwagen
  • vibe, verve & promenade bottle holder

    fleshouder voor de vibe, verve & promenade

Great seat, poor sun cover


The seat works very well. Ti conencts to the the Vibe very easily but it is let down by the poorly designed sun cover / hood. The sun cover does not stay in postion nor does it clip onto the fram every well. The clips are too small to fit over the fabric of the seat and the aluminium frame. Also as the child grows, their head will evenutally hit the top of the frame a the rear of the seat. There needs to be some type of padding in the seat to move the child away from this frame or apply some padding to the frame itself. Our 6 month boy is not going to last much longer in this seat. Folding the vibe reaquires the seat to be removed when in the rear / under postion. Very dull when dealing with two kids. By all means get this bit of kit as it it will help you but beware of the limitations of it.

Not so great.


Second seat purchased as I was about to have my second child. My first child is 2 years old. Not that happy with second seat as it is designed for 6month old and over. This means my 2 year old has to sit in second seat at the front and she is too tall for the seat and her head hits the bar at the top. Not really happy with purchase, should have done more research before purchasing stroller 2 years ago.


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