universele reistas

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Maak reizen met je baby makkelijk, in de auto, het vliegtuig & de trein!

99,00 Op voorraad. Ships now
99,00 Op voorraad. Ships now
99,00 Op voorraad. Ships now
99,00 Op voorraad. Ships now
99,00 Kleine voorraad. Ships now
99,00 Kleine voorraad. Ships now

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De universele reistas is HOT! want:

  • biedt alle bescherming die je wandelwagen of autozitje verdient!
  • heel veel ruimte door de aanpasbare grootte, zodat er plek is voor alle babyspullen
  • stevige wielen, zodat je de ingepakte tas makkelijk kunt rollen
  • schouderband, zodat je de tas makkelijk van de grond kunt optillen
  • licht van gewicht met nog geen 2 kg!
  • compact op te rollen, zodat hij makkelijk kan worden opgeborgen wanneer hij niet in gebruik is
  • duurzame polyesterbuitenbekleding met gevoerde binnenbekleding
  • stevige sluiting met klittenband voor zwaar gebruik
  • een universele pasvorm voor alle wandelwagens en autozitjes van phil&teds, en van veel andere merken - daar doen we onze best voor!
  • max. afmetingen (met inhoud): 106 x 64 x 34 cm
  • EXCLUSIEVE kleurencollectie alleen online via de phil&teds-website verkrijgbaar!


  • phil&teds lobster portable  high chair with tray in red (1200)

    tafelhangstoel lobster

    je elke dag iets lekkers aan tafel!
  • phil&teds Traveller lightweight portable baby crib in black


    nog lichter dan de baby!
  • red hangbag caddy

    hangbag™-tas voor duwbeugel van de wandelw...

    voor extra opbergruimte
  • FUN-TASTIC! 1200x1200_FR_connector-included

    NEW freerider stroller board

  • Phil and Teds stroller footmuff in red

    snuggle & snooze-slaapzak

    slaapzak voor de wandelwagen
  • Pannier-Bags 3QTR


  • bottle holder - hero

    universele fleshouder



Bought this bag to travel with my baby and wife to Qld for christmas in preparation for taking it to Malaysia in February and I can say with confidence that we will not be using it for our Malaysia trip.
It's disappointing as I had high hopes for this bag, but the following points is where it let me down:
- There's nowhere to lock the bag at all
- The handle at the top of the bag is rubbish and is truly uncomfortable
- The wheels on the bag are just too small which caused the material on the bag to drag against the ground
Good effort but a lot needs to be done to improve this product.

Travel pram bag


Great bag and easy to use. Love it but the only downfall is the very small handle on top of bag to wheel it along with is very uncomfortable to hold as there is no padding on it.

The bottomless bag


The great thing about this bag is that it is huge, and pretty easy to pack. This comes in handy when you you are running late and need to just dump everything and get out of there. We recently took our P&T carry cot and all our things in it to London and we had heaps of room leftover.

Unfortunately there are a couple of things you need to be careful of... This is no suitcase and cannot be simply dragged over obstacles. I tried this on the first outing and put some small tears near the wheels. Also, the small outer handle could be a bit nicer - it doesn't feel like you could lift the bag from this point and I ended up using a burp cloth to make it comfortable to drag through the streets. I think it has really been designed for gate-checking your stroller on a flight, so it doesn't perform as well outside of this use

So, could be better, but to be honest I haven't seen anything at a similar price which can swallow all our gear so easily. We have a lot of travel planned in the next few months so we will continue to use it, but we'll have to handle it with a bit of care.


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