verbindingsstuk 2 voor freerider

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Dichtbij rijden met verbindingsstuk 2 voor de freerider! Met dit verbindingsstuk verander je de freerider-step in een buggyboard.

Momenteel niet in deze regio verkrijgbaar.


De freerider-buggyboard is HOT! want:

  • Het buggyboard kan met behulp van een verbindingsstuk op de achteras van je wandelwagen worden bevestigd voor gebruik in de buggyboardstand. Klik hier voor instructies over bevestiging aan je vibe/verve.
  • Compatibiliteitstabel bekijken

Verbindingsstuk 2 voor de freerider is compatibel met:

  • 2015+ model dash 
  • voyager
  • navigator
  • dot
  • 2014+ model vibe
  • verve (any model)
  • s4
  • classic
  • sport
  • explorer
  • hammerhead
  • Mountain Buggy nano
  • Bugaboo Cameleon
  • BOB Revolution (not compatible with CE versions)
  • Britax StriderPLUS
  • Easywalker Duo

*Bij deze aankoop is alleen het verbindingsstuk inbegrepen; de freerider dien je apart aan te schaffen.


Cannot connect to Vib


I have a vibe that was purchased in 2012. The compatibility chart mention vibe from 2014 but doesn't mention pre 2014. And the Connector 1 and 3 also doesn't mention vibe at all. As the Vibe and Verve are very similar I went ahead and purchased the Connector 2 as it says this is compatible with Pre 2014 Verve. Anyway, the video only shows Connect A type attachment instructions and I cannot for the life of me work out how to connect to my Vibe. I'm so frustrated. Any help?

Problems - solved!


I bought this a year ago for my Navigator. At first I could not make this fit my buggy, despite following precisely the instruction booklet that came with it (which didn't include the 'Navigator' as one of the models, so I followed the 'explorer' description, knowing the two models are very similar). However, upon communications with Phil & Teds, I did in the end receive an updated instruction booklet containing the most up to date models and fitting instructions. Fits as it should now. Would be better to save all this time wasting if all the unsold Connector sets had all their instruction booklets changed to save this confusion and hassle.

Doesn't fit the DOT


Doesn't fit the DOT model. Poor design. Waste of time and money.

Bad design - does not for this nights frame


Despite assembling correctly, it does not fit properly and ended up scraping on the ground and is unusable. Complete waste of money.



Sometimes the freerider scooter clips straight in, however often it takes me a good ten minutes of adjusting the orientation of connector before it will click in correctly. Can't tighten connector up enough so that it doesn't rotate which might be the cause of this issue.


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