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Dichtbij rijden met verbindingsstuk 2 voor de freerider! Met dit verbindingsstuk verander je de freerider-step in een buggyboard.

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€ 55,00

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GRATIS verzending van alle verzending boven de € 200,00

De freerider-buggyboard is HOT! want:

  • Het buggyboard kan met behulp van een verbindingsstuk op de achteras van je wandelwagen worden bevestigd voor gebruik in de buggyboardstand. Klik hier voor instructies over bevestiging aan je vibe/verve.
  • Compatibiliteitstabel bekijken

Verbindingsstuk 2 voor de freerider is compatibel met:

  • 2015+ model dash 
  • voyager
  • navigator
  • dot
  • 2014+ model vibe
  • verve (any model)
  • s4
  • classic
  • sport
  • explorer
  • hammerhead
  • Mountain Buggy nano
  • Bugaboo Cameleon
  • BOB Revolution (not compatible with CE versions)
  • Britax StriderPLUS
  • Easywalker Duo

*Bij deze aankoop is alleen het verbindingsstuk inbegrepen; de freerider dien je apart aan te schaffen.

Navigator with Freerider


We bought the Navigator which is a newer model and it would be helpful to see a video of the connector with the Freerider. There seems to be a lot of stress on the brake cables with the body of the connector and it caused damage to our brake sleeve (small metal sleeve over black brake sleeve that protects the brake cable) that our right brake would not engage when we released the brake handle. We had to pry the metal sleeve off in order to get the brake to engage, as the metal pin was not extending far enough to stop the wheel otherwise. This inevitably will probably end up with damage to the cable. Due to the metal cross bar that makes up the basket/storage of the Navigator, the connector doesn't fit as the picture indicates, there is a slight downward angle to it. We could probably change the fitting, turning it over etc but that would just lead to it dragging on the ground when the Freerider isn't attached....very very frustrating

Problems - solved!


I bought this a year ago for my Navigator. At first I could not make this fit my buggy, despite following precisely the instruction booklet that came with it (which didn't include the 'Navigator' as one of the models, so I followed the 'explorer' description, knowing the two models are very similar). However, upon communications with Phil & Teds, I did in the end receive an updated instruction booklet containing the most up to date models and fitting instructions. Fits as it should now. Would be better to save all this time wasting if all the unsold Connector sets had all their instruction booklets changed to save this confusion and hassle.



I bought this and the Freerider, and after trying a friends I found another product that I preferred and returned these both unused and unopened. I had to contact the company multiple times to get a return authorization, and paid almost $40 to send the Freerider and attachment back. They failed to credit my account for the Freerider itself, and when pressed stated the item THAT I HAD NEVER OPENED before returning was returned "used or unusable" and had been destroyed. This business is dishonest and unethical. Shop elsewhere.

seriously annoying


Dear Phil and Ted, have you ever tried fitting the freerider to the DOT? I think not, becsause then you would know it doesn't fit properly. I will find a way..maybe you should before you sell any more.

Doesn't fit the DOT


Doesn't fit the DOT model. Poor design. Waste of time and money.

Bad design - does not for this nights frame


Despite assembling correctly, it does not fit properly and ended up scraping on the ground and is unusable. Complete waste of money.



Sometimes the freerider scooter clips straight in, however often it takes me a good ten minutes of adjusting the orientation of connector before it will click in correctly. Can't tighten connector up enough so that it doesn't rotate which might be the cause of this issue.


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