zonnescherm voor de smart lux & promenade

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Zonnescherm van uv-gaas voor je smart lux- of promenade-wandelwagen.

Momenteel niet in deze regio verkrijgbaar.


Het zonnescherm voor de smart lux & promenade is HOT! want:

  • gemaakt van lichtgewicht gaasmateriaal met uv-filtering
  • beschermt je baby tegen verblinding door de zon, insecten & zonnestralen
  • compatibel met de enkele smart lux-wandelwagen
  • ook compatibel met het voorzitje & de duokit van je promenade-wandelwagen
  • worden apart verkocht; als je 2 kinderen aan boord hebt, moet je 2 schermen bestellen!

sun cover


I bought the sun cover at the beginning of spring and I'm so glad I did. I love that it keeps the sun off my baby and also is breathable and she is able to see quite clearly out of it. Would definitely recommend for anyone who enjoys walking in summer (or even just out and about running errands)

keeps sun off


bought for the smart Lux stroller, nice bag that attaches to the stroller for storage. Keeps the sun off, does not fasten securely around the sides so can't imagine it will keep the bugs out.

Adequate - could do with some tweaks


I walk my three year old to kindy every morning, and I take my four month old twins along for the ride in my Promenade, which I have set as a tandem (seat above, second seat below). I purchased the sun cover for the second seat, as I find the large hood on the top seat blocks the sun really well. Unfortunately the sun cover does not completely block the sun. I still need to use a muslin, which means the baby cannot see out. The cover is also really difficult to attach and does not stay on - there are no clips or harnesses to keep it in place, so every time I put my baby in/take her out I need to reattach the cover, which is very inconvenient.


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