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Pas je wandelwagen aan om 2 kinderen mee te nemen!

Deze duokit is het tweede zitje voor je promenade™-wandelwagen.

Momenteel niet in deze regio verkrijgbaar.


De promenade-duokit is HOT! want:

  • inline-functie voor je promenade-wandelwagen
  • inclusief zonnekap
  • in 3 standen verstelbaar zitje - in plat bedje te veranderen!
  • heeft veiligheidstest ondergaan voor gelijktijdig gebruik met een autozitje (met behulp van promenade-autozitjeadapters )
  • heeft veiligheidstest ondergaan voor maximale belasting van 18 kg in zitstand, en 9 kg in ligstand
  • bescherming tegen alle weersinvloeden met het regenscherm en zonnescherm voor de promenade (apart aan te schaffen)
  • alleen compatibel met promenade-wandelwagens

Excellent second seat for the little one


I love the design and setup. So easy to use and comfortable for the kids

Excellent stroller


It is a great stroller only down fall is going on gravel the wheels don't tent to like it. Oh and the leaver that breaks the pram down has broken on mine did nothing different to the usual way and it broke so it won't lock when down but it's not a biggy and it doesn't effect the use of the stroller

Okay, looks good


Bought for mr 2 when little Bub came along.
When both kits are used in pram there is no where to store anything on this double pram ( no room in parcel shelf with second kit and not allowed to drape bags over handles)
Looks good. Does the job okay but I feel my mr 2 didn't take long to seem cramped in in. He is average height and build.
Easy to install and remove. Doesn't take a lot more room in car boot which is a bonus.
Sunshade is hopeless. It's teeny tiny which I thi is disappointing. It's approx half the depth of the sunshade that comes with the pram. I wasn't expecting this undersell.
Also, if you want a handle bar you will need to buy it as an extra part, does not come with double kit.

Expensive for what you get.

Not what I was hoping for


I brought this pram as I was hoping to have 2 kids close in age and thought this would be perfect but my first child that isn't even 2 hasn't been able to fit in the pram comfortably since he was 18 months, I cant begin to tell you how disappointed
I am, oh and the shade attachment, every time I tried to pull the shade canopy over my son the 2 sides that attach it to the pram pop straight off.

Excellent... We love it!!


We bought the promenade with the intent that we would have baby no. 2 in the near future. So 2 years later the stroller is still sturdy and going strong. The second kit just arrived and we love the convenience of it. Would get 5 stars if it collapsed with the two seats. Otherwise my toddler loves riding in it and looks totally comfy. Great product.


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