cosy toes voor de promenade & smart lux

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Warme tenen voor een warme rit!

Bescherm je baby tegen de elementen met deze op maat gemaakte voetenzak voor je promenade- of smart lux-wandelwagen. De cosy toes-voetenzak wordt over het hoofdzitje of de duokit van de promenade en smart lux geplaatst, en is geschikt voor gebruik in alle standen van het zitje.

Light Grey
30,00 In voorraad. Ships now
30,00 In voorraad. Ships now

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promenade liner in buggy promenade seat liner - black (1200x)
inlegmat voor de promenade & smart lux
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Shade Stick Umbrella Open 1200x1200
shade stick-parasol voor de wandelwagen

€ 29,00

In voorraad. Ships now Kleine voorraad. Ships now Voorraad verwacht.

GRATIS verzending van alle verzending boven de € 200,00

De promenade- & smart lux-voetenzak is HOT! want:

  • pas je promenade of smart lux aan je eigen wensen aan met meer comfort & kleur
  • beschermt tegen de elementen - warme tenen voor een warme rit!
  • over het hoofdzitje of de duokit te plaatsen
  • geschikt voor gebruik in ligstand en zitstand
  • voorkant naar beneden te klappen met stevig houtje-touwtjesysteem
  • duurzame & afveegbare bekleding

Pushing the pram along the beach??


Thank you for the good laugh, could you see a person trying to push this pram along the beach? It is a good pram just not an off road pram!

I loved the Promenade with my first child, he is now 2 and we have our 2nd child. I originally bought the pram with knowledge we could convert to a double as we planned to have another child soon after our 1st. The age gap was slightly larger than we expected between them and I have hummed and arred about purchasing the double kit as he is almost too big. I will for my sanity so I can continue to walk through summer but it is not an ideal pram for the 2 of them together.

I love the pram liner and the cosy toes

Super snugly!


The cozy toes snugly fits on my smart lux. We so far have only used the bassinet setting and the addition of this fitted cover has made such a difference in warmth and protection. I think it's saved us a few lost toys too!

Handy product


Bought one each for the main seat and double kit and have used in lieflat position so far. Great for keeping the babies warm, with blankets underneath, during winter rather than buying the Cocoon accessory. Very easy to snap the fasteners on the bar on the main seat, but have to feed the elastic around a metal strut and toggle when using on the double kit, which is slightly less secure and means the cosy toes doesn't fit as securely at the feet end. All in all, great product for a reasonable price.


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