dot & sport & navigator snug™-reiswieg

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Baby's kunnen het beste plat liggen. Door de snug-reiswieg wordt je phil&teds de ideale eerste wandelwagen voor je pasgeboren baby. De baby is naar jou gericht voor intimiteit & hechting tijdens die belangrijke eerste maanden; en de snug kan makkelijk los worden geklikt en gedragen zodat je je baby kunt vervoeren zonder zijn of haar rust te verstoren.

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 De snug-reiswieg is HOT! want:

  • de baby is naar jou gericht voor intimiteit & hechting
  • supercomfortabel vanaf pasgeborene tot 9 kg (ongeveer 6 maanden)
  • duurzame, afveegbare buitenbekleding met zachte matras voor plat liggen en gevoerde binnenbekleding
  • hengsels zodat je hem makkelijk uit de wandelwagen kunt tillen
  • vrijstaand met pootjes om de snug vrij van de grond te houden
  • optionele reiswiegstandaard (apart aan te schaffen) voor gebruik als een rustplek voor de baby
  • inclusief zwarte zonnekap
  • volledige collectie gekleurde zonnekappen apart verkrijgbaar
  • dekje is makkelijk te verwijderen, zodat je snel & makkelijk bij je baby kunt
  • eenvoudig op de meeste phil&teds-wandelwagens vast te klikken met behulp van bevestigingsbeugels
  • past perfect op sport™, navigator- & DOT-wandelwagens (beugels bijgeleverd)
  • compatibel met het huidige model van de classic- en s4-wandelwagens ( beugels apart aan te schaffen )
  • ook compatibel met oude phil&teds-modellen, waaronder de explorer, hammerhead, s3, sport & de rode classic oude stijl ( beugels apart aan te schaffen )*
  • geschikt voor maximale belasting van 9 kg
  • afmetingen (lengte x breedte x hoogte): 74 x 29 x 21 cm
  • productgewicht: 3 kg
  • Voldoet volledig aan de veiligheidsnormen:
    • EN 1466:2004 - Europa
    • EN 1888:2005 - Europa
    • ASTM F2194-2007a - VS bij gebruik in combinatie met een buggy
    • ASTM F833-11 - VS
    • SOR 85-379 - Canada
    • AS/NZS 2088:2009 - CPN8 of 2007 - Australië/Nieuw-Zeeland


*De bekleding van het zitje moet bevestigd blijven wanneer de snug™-reiswieg op een andere wandelwagen dan de sport™, navigator™ of DOT™ wordt gebruikt.


  • PTCOTSH7__.jpg

    zonnekap voor de snug-reiswieg

    Voeg kleur aan je reiswieg toe
  • carrycot stand


    Verander je reiswieg in een baby...
  • snug attachment bracket set (legacy models)

    bevestigingsbeugelset voor face-to-face &...

    voor s4- & oudere wandelwagenmod...

Just as advertised


Didn't have the carrycot the first time round but wish I had as it has been fantastic with the second. It comes with everything included, raincover, adaptors and hood. Excellent quality and finish to the product. Can definitely recommend. Nice and light too for getting on and off the frame. Highly recommended

Very disappointing


I bought phil & teds snug carrycot to fit on a dot buggy that I had for my older children as I loved the 3 wheeler dot buggy and was excited at the prospect of being able to use it with a newborn with the snug . However when I saw how narrow the carrycot was I was left with no option but to return it . My baby was average size 8llbs and could not sleep comfortably with arms outstretched as babies do. The hood also was very poor it would only stay in the full upright position if you attached it to carrycot cover with fasteners . As it was summer I would not have needed the heavy cover therefore the hood sagged down . Lastly it was seriously expensive for the quality and the amount of use one would expect to get from such a product. I already had a cocoon and this would be of more use . Returning the product was very expensive also €57 with the product costing €200 to begin with . My advice - see it in real life before purchasing online

Can I use on sport and 2nd seat?


I've got a new sport and expecting new baby, can I use this on too and 2nd seat on bottom?

Too tightly


Carrycot is very narrow and tightly, my two months old sob doesn't space.

Easy to Use


Great carrycot, easy to assemble on the pram and excellent that you can use without the pram as well.



We could use it only 2 months, when my baby was born.I never seen such little carrycot before!!! I was very disappointed!!! so I never recommend this carrycot to anybody!!!!

Very narrow


Very narrow so my wee one was to big for it very early & I had a sleeping type bag made up as there isnt much room for blankets to be tucked in at the sides with it being so narrow. Very snuggly and warm great for outdoors on colder days.

Great but could be bigger!


Brought this before baby was born and have really enjoyed using it - nice and flat and looks really stylish. Only downside is it is a lot slimmer than other carrycots out there and as such my baby didn't get as much use from it as I would've liked. My baby is 3 months old and have had to stop using it. Apart from that great accessory to have!

Can this be compatable with S4 second seat?


Hi, I ordered S4 stroller via Costco and was wondering if I order a carrycot, can I use a 2nd seat with it? What adapter do I also need to purchase to go with it? Thank you!

A must have!!


I think this is the best product we have bought so far and has really encouraged good sleeping habits for our baby! I can't recommend it enough! Baby seemed to have a really good sleep when out walking as can lie nice and flat and not have to be all buckled in and is all snug and protected from the elements, also love being able to see baby face to face. We also have the stand for this so to unclip from pram to stand was awesome not having to wake baby. This was our main bassinet so very portable to move around the house with stand and the carry handles, lounge during the day and carry through to bed at night. Love love this product, was gutted when baby outgrew it and moved to the cot!


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