TS13 - Safe n Sound Unity

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Je hoeft je baby niet meer te storen - met deze autozitjeadapter kun je het autozitje gewoon vastklikken en gaan rijden. Verplaats je autozitje vanuit de auto naar de wandelwagen & weer terug!

Momenteel niet in deze regio verkrijgbaar.


Het reissysteem is HOT! want:

  • verplaats het autozitje/kuipje vanuit de auto naar de wandelwagen zonder je baby te storen
  • 'klik' het autozitje eenvoudig vast op je wandelwagen
  • aanbevolen voor maximale belasting van 9 kg
  • alleen compatibel met Safe n Sound Unity-autozitjes
  • voor de bevestiging van je Safe n Sound Unity-autozitje op de volgende wandelwagenmodellen:
    • rode & zwarte classic
    • sport v1 & v2
    • dash
    • hammerhead
    • explorer
    • s3
    • DOT
    • navigator

Weet je het niet zeker? Zoek de autozitjeadapter die je nodig hebt!

Grateful with an exception


So grateful that there is still a product like this to fit my pram and capsule. The strap that comes with it is not so convenient, have to attach and detach every time it's used.

Overpriced. Instructions v hard to follow.


The instructions were very very hard to follow (for attaching ths straps to the buggy) and the initial setup took over an hour.
The monochrome sketch diagrams and brief instructions could be vastly improved by having pictures instead of sketches (which are very hard to gain a perspective from with the details) and more elaborate and descriptive sentences would aid in the clarity of instruction.
The clip-in straps that attach to the seat and wrap around the buggy get caught in the car seat adapter and have to be completely removed from the seat before reinstalling into the car adapter - this is not mentioned in the instructions!
But it works after alot of messing about!

Quick & easy


Easy to find what I was after and quick to get sent out - thanks

Easy to install.


Our Phil & Ted's Pram was a 2009 Dash and this adapter enabled us to easily fit a new Britax capsule. Simple to use.

capsule attachement made easy


great product, so easy to take on & off well recommended.

Great product


I bought this when I had my third child and I wish I had it when I bought the pram.
The attachment for the safe and sound unity makes the pram so much easier to use.
I prefer it to the seat the navigator pram provides for s newborn baby

Great adaptor


This adaptor is great, it turned my stroller into a snap n go!! There are some adaptors out there for this stroller that involve strapping the car seat into the stroller and they looked very complicated, but this was easy to install, I am even able to fold it up and put it in my van with out removing the adaptor. This is a must buy!


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