TS3 - Graco SnugRide 22, 32, 35

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Je hoeft je baby niet meer te storen - met deze autozitjeadapter kun je het autozitje gewoon vastklikken en gaan rijden. Verplaats je autozitje vanuit de auto naar de wandelwagen & weer terug!


*alleen compatibel met autozitjes Graco SnugRide 22, 32 en 35 (exclusief Click Connect)

Momenteel niet in deze regio verkrijgbaar.


Het reissysteem is HOT! want:

  • verplaats het autokuipje vanuit de auto naar de wandelwagen zonder je baby te storen
  • 'klik' het autozitje eenvoudig vast op je wandelwagen
  • aanbevolen voor maximale belasting van 9 kg
  • alleen compatibel met autozitjes Graco SnugRide 22, 32 en 35 (exclusief Click Connect)
  • voor de bevestiging van je SnugRide-autozitje op de volgende wandelwagenmodellen:
    • classic & rode classic oude stijl
    • sport v1 & v2
    • dash
    • hammerhead
    • explorer
    • s3
    • s4
    • DOT
    • navigator

Weet je het niet zeker? Zoek de autozitjeadapter die je nodig hebt!



This was probably my error, but the Graco Classic Connect 30 is NOT the same as the Graco Click Connect 30. If you have a click connect, you need to get the TS33 adaptor.

Does what is intended


It works obviously. It's hard to justify the high price tag though. If it were around $30 Canadian. I would be really satisfied. I would recommend it only if you are stuck with the stroller.

Old can be new!


A colleague gifted us her much used (and loved) buggy and another friend passed on a well-looked after car seat. Imagine our delight when despite having a 7 year old buggy purchased on another continent, we were able to find the piece that would miraculously allow us to use them together. The buggy still works great after all these years and we are excited for the upcoming arrival of its new user!

Easy to install


I bought this, and love how easy it is to use and be able to transfer my babe from the car to the stroller.
P.S I'm wondering why I never did receive a second seat for my stroller when I purchased it. A few of my friends and family members received the second seat for free when they ordered their navigator.



It's easy to install and use, I just wish it wasn't $40

quick and easy


Bought this a few weeks ago and it's perfect. Shipped in under 2 weeks to my front door. Super easy to install and remove, no removing things from the stroller for it to fit like with other adapters.



Does this work with Graco snugride 30 ( classic connect) ??

Must have.


Did the job perfectly and effortlessly. It's a must have. Loved it.

Super Simple, Worth the Money


I purchased this item a few weeks ago, after a couple of months of transferring my baby from the car seat to the stroller and I wish I had purchased it much sooner. Its super easy to install and the Graco Snug Ride fits it perfectly. Now I don't have to wake my baby up to transfer him from the car to stroller, definitely recommend this item.

Great adaptor


This adaptor is great, it turned my stroller into a snap n go!! There are some adaptors out there for this stroller that involve strapping the car seat into the stroller and they looked very complicated, but this was easy to install, I am even able to fold it up and put it in my van with out removing the adaptor. This is a must buy!


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