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De economische inline™ dubbele wandelwagen - classic phil&teds wandelwagenfunctie voor een uitstekende prijs.

tweede zitje bij de combi inbegrepen!

"Dit is alles wat je nodig hebt voor de perfecte allroundbuggy. Andere buggy's hebben allerlei toeters en bellen, maar deze doet gewoon wat hij moet doen!" - Dan Hopkirk, classic-eigenaar

Momenteel niet in deze regio verkrijgbaar.

Aan te passen om 2 kinderen inline mee te kunnen nemen met de classic-duokit

, van één pasgeboren baby tot twee peuters - één buggy die jaren meegaat

Slank & lichtgewicht: (62 cm en 11 kg)

De classic™-wandelwagen is HOT! want:

  • phil&teds dubbele inline-wandelwagenfunctie voor een uitstekende prijs
  • slank & lichtgewicht
  • geschikt voor leeftijdscategorie pasgeborene tot 6 jaar (of maximumgewicht van 20 kg)
  • aan te passen om 2 kinderen mee te kunnen nemen (pasgeborene & peuter, of twee peuters) met de classic-duokit
  • maximumgewicht voor duokit: voorop 20 kg; achterop 15 kg
  • Voldoet aan veiligheidsnormen van over de hele wereld
  • met één hand snel in te klappen
  • in te klappen met classic-duokit voorop bevestigd
  • volledig uitgerust met grote boodschappenmand
  • geschikt voor bekerhouder
  • instelbare zonnekap met uittrekbare zonneklep
  • verstelbare duwbeugel

Love how compact it is


I bought this stroller about a month ago. I love how compact it is. I had another double stroller and it was so hard to manuver because it was so long. It's easy to push and it looks nice. These are the reasons I gave it three stars. It's a little difficult to unfold, the wire break isn't easy to use, the second seat has to be removed to fold it, and the worst part is when you have the second seat on ,the second child has their feet in the storage area so there is nowhere to put a diaper bag. I am happy with the stroller ,but will have to make some adjustments like getting a backpack for a diaper bag.

My 2nd Phil and Teds


I am a mom to 4 and this is the 2nd stroller I have bought from Phil and Teds. The 1st worked great, but was in need of replacement when baby #4 came around. I was having a problem with the brakes on my new stroller and probably would have never had time to contact the company, but they contacted me and ended up sending me a whole new frame for my stroller. Their customer service was amazing and fast! The stroller is amazing! I have owned several strollers over the years and would highly (and only) recommend this stroller. It is light weight, easy to use, fits through doors, and reasonably priced. I also love all the configuration possibilities. It has been a lifesaver!

Great stroller


Bought this for my 3 years old boy and 6 months old baby. They loved the stroller.
Great quality except for the bumper bar.

Great double stroller


I bought this a month ago I truly love the convenience of a smooth ride,fits everywhere and folds easily! The only downfall is I wish that the second seat would recline more for my infant to be able to nap more comfortably. Either way I love the stroller and would recommend it!!

Just what i needed


Looooove it for both my kids.simple n easy to use extremely light weight :)

Love love love!


I absolutely love this stroller! I had been shopping around for months and finally decided on this stroller and I am so glad that I did. I purchased the car seat adapter for my newborn son and my 3 year old daughter loves sitting in her second "special" seat. I get so many compliments and I am so happy to refer this stroller to any parent. This has been the best purchase I have made for myself and my kids!

Love this stroller


I love this stroller. I have had it for many years and it has been great. Super dependable, easy to push and stylish. I would recommend this to anyone in the market for a new stroller.

Fantastic stroller since 2011


As our family has expanded from one to two this stroller is the best for bumpy walks in our neighborhood. Super compact and easy to use.

Love my Classic Sport


I'v had my phil and teds classic sport stroller for 5+ years and its still in great shape! I love all the accessaries that you can get for this stroller the cacoon, the peanut best stroller Iv ever had! Well worth the money

So Classic!


I brought the Classic for my daughter when we learned she was having her second child. Well, another precious girl! Their first outing with baby was for big sister's 4th birthday at Disneyland. It was by far the hit of the baby stroller wars! LOL. Believe it or not the 4 month old fit snug as a bug in the second seat away from the crowds and was happy as a clam. Navigates better than other brands and is not as wide like many of the double stroller top brands. After my 4th grandchild and having purchased at least 5 strollers the Classic is the BEST. Also purchased the peanut bassinet, matching Pink seat inserts, covers, saddlebag, and travel bag which we recently used on a trip across the pond to Hawai'i. I wish Phil and Ted were around when I had my children back in the 60's.

Why didn't I get it sooner?


This stroller has been a lifesaver! I can walk, jog, and navigate through airports with both kids corralled. People stop us all the time to remark how easy it looks to have them both in tow. I love all the accessories too, like the snack tray and cup holder. Why hadn't I heard of this stroller sooner? Now we have #3 coming, you can bet I'm going to get the Graco car seat attachment next!

Very stylish. Great Design.


I've loved my stroller. I've had it for about 5 years now. I love the child behind design. So easy to maneuver through doors and department stores. Love that both seats recline. The only thing I would change are the wheels. We've gone through so many tubes at $12 a piece and could use a whole new tire at the moment but I don't want to put anymore money into it. But other then that its a great stroller and I get lots of compliments on it.

Love this stroller!


I bought this stroller later than I should have. I love how easy it is for me to use and my 22 month old doesn't mind riding. My front tire needed replaced from wear, and orderin the replacement was easy off the p&t website. I gave it 4 stars instead of five because we have the doubles kit for when baby #2 comes in February, and my little one's head already rests at the top of the second seat. Wish it was a few inches taller. She will only be in there for a few months until #2 can sit in the back, but that is my ONLY complaint. Love my p&t stroller and recommend it to everyone over a side by side!

heavy duty


I bough the first one in 2010 I lost it and bough the same one again im in love with philandteds . Excelent product.

Excellent stroller for one or two!


I bought this stroller when I had my second child. The kiddos were really close in age and this stroller were great as a double or a single stroller. It's so versatile! Only complaint is the sun hood doesn't shade the child well.

The only stroller you'll ever need!


I didn't discover this stroller until my 2nd daughter was 15 months, and it blew all of my other strollers out of the water (both single & double strollers).
It folds up compact, so it's easy to use as your everyday stroller, and it maneuvers so easily - no matter if your in the mall, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or on rougher terrain. My girls loved the doubles kit too- it was so easy for them to get in/out on their own. I can't say enough good things about this stroller!


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