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Til je persoonlijke stijl naar een hoger niveau met een chique wandelwagen van aluminium. 3 luchtbanden voor cruisen op elk terrein!

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GRATIS verzending van alle verzending boven de € 200,00

De vibe-wandelwagen is HOT! want:

  • eersteklas & stijlvol wandelwagenframe van aluminium
  • luxueuze, gevoerde stoffen voor het toppunt van comfort
  • 23 opties voor rijden om zo goed mogelijk op je gezin aan te sluiten
  • optie voor naar achteren gericht zitten met de duokit
  • bevestig 1 of 2 autozitjes met behulp van de autozitje-adapters voor de vibe
  • compatibel met freerider-buggyboard met behulp van verbindingsstuk 2
  • hoofdzitje biedt comfortabele zitplek voor kinderen van max. 105 cm lang
  • voeg een duokit toe voor een 2de baby
  • duokit met één hand achterover te zetten
  • inclusief duokit-zonnescherm van gaas voor schaduw & privacy
  • makkelijk bij te stellen 5-puntsveiligheidsgordel
  • instelbare zonnekap met uittrekbare zonneklep
  • grote boodschappenmand voor 5 kg babyspullen
  • met één beweging te bedienen handrem op duwbeugel
  • frame met automatische vergrendeling voor veilig inklappen
  • compact in te klappen tot een staand formaat van 66 x 31,5 x 86 cm, met of zonder duokit bevestigd!
  • licht van gewicht met slechts 13 kg
  • moeiteloos stoep op en af voor extra gemak
  • in 6 hoogten verstelbare duwbeugel
  • duurzame & makkelijk schoon te maken voetruimte van kunststof
  • drie 12 inch-luchtbanden voor cruisen op elk terrein!

Great Double Stroller


This is a great stroller, have had it for a month, and the one thing I wish I would have done was to get the verve because the single large wheel makes turning in tight corners from a standstill very difficult, the smaller wheels are better for that and living in SF the verve is better suited. Otherwise, very comfortable stroller.

Poor quality high price


I am sad to say, but I have been quite disappointed with this stroller. We are constantly replacing the wheels, as they puncture easily. It does not maneuver as easily as I would expect. Frankly, it can be rather cumbersome at times. I wish I were able to rate this stroller higher, alas, it has not lived up to the hype. I like the inline aspect, but for that, I would not have gone so far as buying a vibe--I would have just purchased a classic.

love it best investment


This is the best investment to make in a stroller specially if u have 2 little ones. It will make your life easier just like it did to me. Very fancy and stylish. Everyone questions me all the time what stroller is that. Easy to move around and Easy to clean and fold.

Great for two


This stroller makes it easy to take my two kids to the store without the worry that one will run off!

great but no enough strong wheels


I bought 4months ago and I bought wheels again two months ago and now I have to order again is impossible the wheel is not enough strong for a two year old girl and a 6 months baby am really disappointed with this I love the stroller.because it has enough space but I hate the wheels



I bought the Vibe with 2 seats when I had my second child in 2009 and I am using it now for my third. I has been very durable, no rusting, and shows little wear despite the many, many airline trips and home use. I also have a side by side which I used more for the park. But trips to downtown require a thinner vehicle. The tri-wheel can be a bit unstable going up/down curbs. It also takes great practice to collapse the double Vibe quickly but I am now a master. It is not lightweight, but I believe that adds to its stability and longevity. It can certainly be managed by a pregnant woman (My litmus test). With my third child, I have kept the lower seat attached for extra storage space. I would buy it again

great inline double!


I had this stroller and have used it for my 5 year old, 2 year old and 6 month old. Super easy push,even one handed and smooth ride for the kids. My kids even fought over the doubles seat in the back.

Just what I had been looking for!


Just completely satisfied and ecstatic with this buggy, I have had so many 3 wheeler buggies in the past and there has always been at least a couple of things that i'd been unhappy about with them, but this Vibe Buggy is just exactly perfect for me! I love that you don't have to add extra buggy liners as the seat is so cushiony soft my 2yr old just dozes off very relaxed in it, just love the seat, huge basket absolutely awesome! I love that it is so easy and smooth to push even one handed! and the brake being on the handle bar it's excellent and so much easier then a foot brake. And i'm suprised at how easy it folds up & down to, and im even more happy that it fits in my car boot so easy, withing having a small opening boot it was hard to find a large 3 wheeler that would fit, after trying 5 other brands this is the only one that fits! And I love that it's adaptable for when the next baby arrives :D I brought mine in Cobalt (Blue) just LOVE it, I am only sad that i'm not small enough to be cruised around in this!.
Overall this pram has got it all, from style to sturdy! Thanks P&T! This gives me a great excuse to get out and walk more.

LOVE this stroller!


I LOVE this stroller. Seriously, I look for reasons to use it. My boyfriend and I have been using it for about a month now with our new daughter, and it just makes things so easy. It's a dream to maneuver, and the basket below the seat is so huge I use it while shopping. We were also fortunate enough to get the double kit, and love to use it so she can face us when we push her around. This stroller has an enormous sun shade, making the ride shady at pretty much any time of day and the seats of the stroller and the double kit are super cushy and soft; I often get jealous of her cozy ride on long walks. The size of the Vibe is impressive and it's durable enough I'm sure we'll still be using it years from now, but it's also still totally portable - it folds really easily and fits in the back of my Corolla with no problem.

I also feel super stylish pushing the Vibe - I frequently get stopped by strangers so they can ask what brand the stroller is, or where we got it. The double kit is especially intriguing to people, I rearrange it to show them how another child can go below, and it blows their minds! I can't recommend this stroller enough, it really is just so much fun!

Chic and Super Functional


We've been using this stroller for the last month and are often asked by other parents what make and model it is! The functionality is superb so far- many options to configure for one or both children riding. Having an inline double that folds with both seats attached means it can go anywhere- park, zoo, mall, restaurant. The adjustable handlebar is great too- allows for a shorter grandma and a very tall parent to both use the stroller comfortably. This is a great stroller for our family with both a toddler and infant!


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