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Gesp voor veiligheidsgordel van wandelwagen

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Nieuwe gesp voor de veiligheidsgordel van je wandelwagen, inclusief de tongen van de gesp & rode ontgrendelingsknoppen.

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GRATIS verzending van alle verzending boven de € 200,00


Deze nieuwe gesp voor de veiligheidsgordel wordt exclusief de schouderbanden van de wandelwagen geleverd. De gesp kan aan de schouderbanden van de volgende wandelwagenmodellen worden bevestigd:

  • zwarte classic
  • explorer
  • hammerhead

How to attach buckle??


I bought a hinge set to attach the toddler chair, and also a replacement harness buckle. However I can see absolutely no way of attaching the new harness buckle to the seat as it is heavily stitched in?? We actually only need the clips replaced that fit into the buckle which could be easily replaced by undoing the straps but the only buckle unit available to buy wasn't the same one as we had so we need to replace the whole lot. I can't see the point in selling something that actually cannot be replaced? Am I missing something?!

explorer replacement buckle/harness does not fit


I bought the replacement buckle/harness a few weeks ago, but it doesn't fit as it is a slightly different shape with red safety buttons my original explorer doesn't have. Online customer support has failed to get back to me and now I have a buggy I can't use as it is not safe without a working harness.

No instructions, waste of money


I ordered a replacement part for my faulty Phil & Teds Explorer, It came with no instructions and I have no idea how to put it on. The only reason I rate it one star is because of the fast postage.


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