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Nieuwe beschermbeugel (veiligheidsbeugel) voor je phil&teds-wandelwagen.

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GRATIS verzending van alle verzending boven de € 200,00

Deze beschermbeugel is compatibel met de volgende wandelwagenmodellen:

  • classic & rode classic oude stijl
  • sport v1 & v2
  • explorer
  • dash
  • s3
  • s4
  • hammerhead
  • DOT
  • navigator
  • e3 v1 & v2

Bumper materials are not durable


I love my navigaotor but one part of it that I do not like is the bumper. The foam/padding in our bumper bar fell apart after only a month. It is actually just cheap packing styrofoam which breaks very easily. So now our foam is in pieces and the hard steel rod is exposed in parts. They should just make it from the material as per the handle but I guess it's a cost thing. It does annoy me that it is not constructed of a more durable material.

bumper bar


I have no problems with it it was a great asset to my stroller I'll definitely use this again When needed.

bumper bar plastic


I've had the phil and teds double stroller for years. The original bumper broke when the dog saw a rabbit and a fiasco ensued. No one was hurt but bumper bar needed to be replaced. The original was a metal bar and very strong. The new replacement is plastic and doesn't even seem as close to as strong. Will keep u updated to let u know how long it lasts. This why I only gave it 3 stars.



Brought bumper bar as I lost my other one very please too see they sell parts very happy with it



Amazing I brought this a little while ago and it is just perfect

Bumper bar - easy install


I like the padded cover - I need a replacement pad for my handle!

DOT Stroller


I live overseas. We travel a lot as a family and I walk daily with my child. This stroller is incredible with bad streets and cobble stone roads. I will highly recommend this to any family that travels more by foot than by car.

Fast & Easy


Value for money. Delivery was fast! Will order this them again in the future.


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