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buitenband voor de vibe & verve

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Een nieuwe 12 inch-buitenband die compatibel is met alle drie de wielen van je vibe-buggy en de achterwielen van je verve-buggy.

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12 inch-binnenbandenset

€ 19,99

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vibe v1-voorwiel

€ 64,95

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achterwiel voor de vibe & verve

€ 46,95

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GRATIS verzending van alle verzending boven de € 200,00

Je kunt de buitenband thuis vervangen door eerst de binnenband van de buggy leeg te laten lopen en de oude buitenband te verwijderen, vervolgens plaats je de nieuwe buitenband en pomp je de binnenband weer op. De binnenband dient tot maximaal 20-22 psi te worden opgepompt met een handpomp. Als je bestaande binnenband lek is, moet je deze apart bestellen.

Wear out too quickly


These tyres have almost no rubber on them and wear out very quickly.
Phil and Teds don't seem to care.
I won't buy any more Phil and Teds products.

bad quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have to replace the tires of my verve every month. Very frustrating and expensive.

Tyre quality questionable....?


Love the Phil&Teds range and our Phil&Teds Vibe has had a massive workout over the last four years, but it is still good working order. However, we seem to be ordering new tyres every few months when previously they had lasted a year - what is going on Phil&Teds???

Quality control anyone???? Not great given it is $75 plus postage for a new set. Lift your game!



These tires lasted 8 weeks on our vibe before canvas was showing Both sides exactly the same worst rubber tires I've ever seen and can not purchase different ones as this size is only for this style pram



Absolutely horrible! I am now about to replace the tires again from two months ago.
I think I will buy a different brand stroller now because I no longer want to deal with having a blow out with my kid.
Soooo disappointing!

banden slijten veel te snel!


Deze banden slijten zeer snel. we lopen niet veel meer met deze kinderwagen en moeten toch iedere paar maanden de - dure - buitenbanden vervangen, die zo hard slijten, dat de binnenband erdoorheen lek raakt!
ik zou deze vibe, mede daarom, nooit aanraden aan vrienden.



these tires are not very good we are going through rear tyres even 4 months or so wish there were more options to choose from with some thing better quality

Need improve quality


We have to replace the tire very month to carry our two young kids. One is 2yo and one is 11 months. Need tire with good quality

over priced


tyres are over priced and don't last it's a shame seen as it's such a great pram
fast shipping was a plus

vibe tyres


I have to replace the rear two tyres every two months. And that's only from carrying two young children - one is two years old and the other is 5 months. So they're not very heavy. I find this very frustrating and expensive. Could the tyres not be made more durable or else have other options?

easy ordering


Quick and painless. We were up and going within days of our online order

A disappointment


We've owned our Verve double pram for just over one year and have been going through the second set of tyres (which wear out incredibly quickly) until yesterday one of them exploded. Note that I usually use another single pram and only use the Verve for longer outings. We've also had issues with the frame but luckily Phil and Teds acknowledged it was a warranty issue.
It's a big disappointment as I do like the pram in general.



These tyres are a joke! They wear out after 3 months and they are an odd size so you can't use a generic tyre. Not only that, it cost $80-$90 to replace 2 at a time. It is dishonest because they charge $25-30 per tyre where as a generic tyre costs about $10. Totally dishonest and unethical

Legit Tires


The tires are special size and got her pretty good timing.

Vibe Tyre


This is at least the 6th Tyre that I have purchased for my Vibe in 4.5 years, they wear out so quickly on the back two wheels ( never on the front) and I think it is because the Brake has always been faulty on my pram and it rubs on the tyres. So far on my Pram Phil and Teds has had to replace the Front wheel ( did turn properly) the Brake on my pram handle ( would get stuck) then the whole frame came apart where it had been welded, so they had to replace this as well, now I am spending a fortune on ordering new tyres online and getting them fitted at the bike shop as they keep wearing out every few months. I certainly would not recommend these Tyres or the Phil and Teds Vibe, we have had nothing but problems.

soft rubber wheels


Ive ended up buying 7 tyres over 4 years.... The rubber is to soft and wears out quickly.

Need better quality tires


I have to replace the Vibe tires every year. I wish the tires were a bit more durable and would last a little longer. Other than the tires... I love my Vibe, I even use it as a jogger. It's rugged and the bigger tires can handle rougher terrain better than say a conventional Graco type stroller. The double stroller is great too, better than a side by side double, a double wide would be troublesome getting around it's just too wide for doors, aisles... The vibe looks great, I love it. I only wish the tires would get some quality control and they made them last longer.

Need better quality tires


fully agree, we need new tires way too often too!

Rubber compound too soft


I had a Verve for only 18 months when I had to replace the rear tires/inner tube. When I changed out the tires, I noticed that the inner tube had mated to the tires so both had to be changed. The rubber compound is too soft for a stroller so it wears away quickly. This is compounded by the extreme negative camber of the rear wheels. The stroller is very well engineered but they choose to go with a soft rubber at the expense of longevity.


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