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Set van 6 wiellagers. Elk wandelwagenwiel heeft twee lagers, dus dit is een volledige set nieuwe lagers voor een wandelwagen met drie wielen.

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Deze wiellagers zijn compatibel met de volgende wandelwagenmodellen:

  • classic & rode classic oude stijl
  • classic dubbele wandelwagen
  • sport v1 of v2
  • dash
  • explorer
  • hammerhead
  • s3
  • s4
  • DOT
  • navigator
  • Limited availability Phil and Teds Navigator sunhood in black

    zonnekap voor de huidige navigator

  • DKmeshhighlighted

    zonnescherm van gaas voor de duokit

  • phil&teds Stroller Hubcap

    navigator hubcap set

    set of 2
  • wheel parts bundle amended w/ just axle

    pakket met wielonderdelen

    3 buitenbanden, 3 binnenbanden,...
  • Snug attachment set

    bevestigingsbeugelset voor face-to-face &...

    voor nieuwere wandelwagenmodellen

They're ball bearings


They work fine - the unfortunate thing is having to replace the original ones after only two years.

Fast delivery


We 've bought an already used phil and Teds stroller from friends. Alter a day in THE zoo, the front wheel brook. These parts we're simple to replace
THE stroller rides smoother than before

Great service


Prompt deliver, they fitted perfectly and easily..



Two of mounted bearings disintegrated after a few days of use. If the rest of the work . Polish distributor does not have the spare parts so as to bring these bearings paid for as used truck .

Nice in total


I can recommend buying spare parts. Few cons are
•shipping code was untrackable
•shipping cost is bigger then the cos of bearings
•bearings fit fine by it's inner and outer diameter but I was different type. Though small adjustments and hammer helped to put everything together.
P.S.: Sorry I forgot to make fee shots, think it nigh be helpful for others.

Where do I start?


I was surprised at how easy it was to find the parts I needed. The site was easy to navigate. The price was good. The delivery was quick. The parts we extremely easy to replace. I have nothing but good things to say about this product.

Yes, I'm reviewing wheel bearings!


No, it wasn't a dare or lack of sleep that I choose to write a review about wheel bearings; simply it was about the product. As a single mom of two girls, I would recommend picking up a set of these just to have on hand because when your stroller goes out for no reason (or you know the reason and just don't want to admit your stupidity) it cramps your style when you've got to figure out plan B when plan A worked for so well for so long. The bearings were so easy to switch out you will want to add "mechanic" to job title, sit with a cup of coffee, let your kids run a muck and relish in your sense of accomplishment that you are a problem solver and can do hard things; like take your kids on a walk to the park. If your like me, you may not know how to pick the best husband(s) but high five because we did pretty darn good in the stroller department.



Brought these parts online and within a week they had arrived and were easily replaced in Pram.



I got the bearings in a timely manner. They worked great

Worth buying


Worth buying to bring new life to the older pushchair! Great they were available to purchase.

great service. new bearing working well


Ordered the wrong bearings at first and caught it before they shipped. Phil and ted promptly canceled the order no questions asked. Then I ordered correct bearings. Installed and I have a smooth ride again!


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