vibe & verve peanut covers

Be prepared for the changing season! 

Buy the all seasons cover set, including both sun & storm covers & receive the 100% cotton sheet set - FREE!

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It's HOT! because:

  • venture out whatever the weather
  • dry & demist - fancy that!
  • designed for airflow & breathability
  • prevents sunny daze, bugs & rays
  • water resistant
  • compatible with your classic, sport, dash, hammerhead or explorer peanut


peanut ™ sheet set is HOT! because:

  • 100% cotton flannelette material
  • breathable for temperature control all year round
  • form-fitted - pillowcase style
  • three sheets included in each set
  • machine washable for a hygienic snooze every time!
  • compatible with all models of phil&teds peanut ™ carrycot