Score 4.5/5

There are various seat options to choose from, depending on your needs, from both parent and forward-facing when there is just one passenger, to the unique Double Kit add-on for 2 kids. What really sets the Dot apart, though, is its new slimline look, making it one of the most compact models out there at the moment.

Natalie Brown ( United Kingdom)

Score 5/5

Our testers said from the minute you hold the DOT you can feel the narrow elegance of the frame. Even the handle is barely wider that the shoulder width of a toddler - impressive. It has some weight but this made it more sturdy and quite a smooth ride. Snug, comfortable, and looks great. One dad came over in the playground to chat specifications as if it was a new car.

Mother & Baby ( United Kigndom)

pushchair expert review

Score 4/5

As the masters of inline pushchairs, phil&teds have updated their popular dot pushchair to create something even more practical. With their products designed to help parents ‘adapt&survive' when kids arrive, with a quirky edge, we are excited to take a closer look.

Pushchair Expert ( United Kingdom)

The Big Buggy Conundrum

"I decided that whilst I wanted a compact one-fold set up, I also wanted something more substantial than a stroller. Did this wonder product actually even exist?

Thankfully – YES. This buggy folds as one (with removal of small second seat attachment), can convert to car seat or carrycot mode, can carry one or two children in crazy number of combinations, offers a ‘cocoon’ alternative for newborns (best invention EVER), is lightweight, easily manoeuvrable and also looks pretty smart too."

Robyn Upton ( United Kingdom)

1 of 7 Best Jogging Strollers

"This has plenty of space to carry your child, as well as a huge basket for all the extras. The manoeuvrability is impressive and it’s simple to switch to a double, should you have twins or go onto have another tot."

The Independent

Jamie Grayson

FIRSTLOOK: DOT from phil&teds

"For those of you familiar with the Mountain Buggy Swift, the Dot is the phil&teds version.  Take the Explorer frame, snap smaller (ten inch) wheels on it, and you’ve got a stroller that’s 15% more compact than the Explorer–and it still has the same size seat.  I think the Dot will be a terrific option for parents who want a great all-terrain stroller, but don’t have a ton of space.  It’s also cute, and that doesn’t hurt."

Jamie Grayson ( New York, United States)

Jessica Alba with her DOT stroller

Jessica Alba goes dotty for DOT

We spotted Alba rocking polka dots to match her DOT stroller.

She demonstrates how to stay cute & compact with 2 kids in tow!

N/A ( United States)

Pushchair Trader


"The Dot is a downsized version of the phil&teds Explorer, in fact it's 15% smaller. It has all the features of its older brother without the beef. However don’t confuse less size with less comfort or less ability. It has a full sized seat and can tackle all sorts of terrain, it has a one-handed fastfold and one-handed recline control."

Pushchair Trader ( United Kingdom)

Matty - father of two

Customer review

"First thing I noticed was how small and light the DOT was compared with my previous stroller. It was definitely a lot easier to fold up and put in the boot as well as having a lot more space available. 

It was easy to strap the kid in, and the size of it made it easy to get around the small shops and aisles too. 

Definitely a great push!" 

Matty - father of two


Dot is ideal for parents who value compactness for small spaces in the city (elevators, stairs, small apartments, car trunks) but still want a multi-terrain stroller to negotiate rough terrains in the city (parks, pavement, gravel, cobblestone).

People ( United States)


Dot which is the mini of the range… with a full-size seat! Super-compact, city-dwellers and those with small cars will relish this pocket rocket which compromises none of baby’s comfort.

It’s 15 per cent more compact than the Explorer model but don’t be fooled by the Dot’s compactness – it’s a fully-functioning pram with car capsule adaptability and bassinet and second seat options.

Babyology ( Australia)

Celebrity Baby Scoop

Dot is ideal for parents who value compactness for small spaces in the city (elevators, stairs, small apartments, car boots…) but still want a multi-terrain stroller to negotiate rough terrains in the city (parks, pavement, gravel, cobblestone).

Celebrity Baby Scoop ( United States)

dot with 2 kids

"Fabulous wee buggy. So zippy and easy to manoeuver. I love the compact fold as it fits so easily in the car.

I can't believe such a petite stroller can carry two children! The dot is perfect, small enough to zip down the supermarket aisle, yet sturdy and comfy enough for longer outings."

M. Percy ( New Zealand)