"So in double mode, with two toddler seats and over 60 pounds of children in the seats- the stroller still maneuvers beautifully! My older son usually sits on the bottom, but he fell asleep in the car and I was able to transfer him to the stroller without waking him up. He slept in that seat for an hour actually- which was very impressive."

"When you’re strolling, it’s not like the child in the bottom seat is just sitting in a basket and and gets no attention or no view. The stroller is built beautifully, and she has lots of space. She can see everything around her, and I can see her too. She’s actually closer to me than whoever is in the regular seat, and I was able to keep an eye on her as she tasted her first lollipop (I didn’t take my eye off her for half a second)."

Melanie ( New Jersey, USA)

"The very first thing that drew me to this stroller were all the riding options for the littles. The Promenade Stroller has over 55 ways you can push 1 or 2 babies around in style. Mine are a bit limited because I only have one seat {because duh! I only have one baby}, but seriously  click through to see all the ways .

The seat turns into a bassinet! How brilliant is that? And, if you happen to have two babies, this stroller can accommodate two seats or two bassinets or one of each! It’s perfect.

If you’re in the market for any kind of stroller, I’d highly highly recommend this phil&teds Promenade Stroller. It’s a smart design that you will fall in love with too!" - Lauren, Lauren's latest

The Baby Guy

"With a sleek aluminum frame and a four-wheel design, this is a really sexy single stroller. The seat is easy to recline and has a terrific canopy and swiveling belly bar. The footrest is also adjustable, which is key—AND really sets this particular stroller apart from others on the market because the seat actually converts to a lie-flat bassinet. As far as I know, this is the only stroller on the American market that is a converting seat with an adjustable foot rest. Score. If this company has figured it out, I do wish a certain other stroller dominating the market would. Airless tires, a smoothly-adjusting handlebar, reversible seat and a really easy one-piece fold finish out the single. It wouldn’t be Phil & Teds without a Doubles Kit. The additional seat also has a smooth, one-handed recline, sun canopy, and also converts to a bassinet.

The zip-out sun canopy is a killer, and the handlebar extends VERY far out—which actually makes bumping it up and down curbs easier.  The handle also telescopes down very far, which makes it a plus for public transit and elevators!!!  I was able to spin it a complete 360 in a closed elevator in a New York Public Library.  The undercarriage basket is gigantic and actually held diaper bags, grocery bags, and library books all at the same time." - Jamie Grayson, The Baby Guy NYC

"Uber-fashionable pushchair brand Phil&Teds has unveiled a new in-line tandem buggy called the Phil&Teds Promenade. The new pushchair features a seat that converts into a lie-flat bed, and will adapt to take one or two children.

The sleek, urban Promenade is a noticeable departure from the rugged styling of earlier Phil&Teds pushchairs such as the Phil&Teds Classic."